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Q: I am trying to get access to my PIN number on ATLAS but my Lloyd's broker is telling me that I need to register with a Lloyd' account so Lloyd's is able to grant me access to my coverholder record.

A: If you don't have a Lloyd's account and password then you will be required to register using the following link. With this in mind the applicant must request access to ATLAS themselves. The broker or Managing Agent who beings the application must provide the applicant coverholder with their unique PIN before they can be granted access to ATLAS.

Q: Am I able to submit my application to Lloyd's as a paper copy?

A: All applications must be submitted via ATLAS; we no longer accept paper copies.

Q: All the tabs on the application have been completed and the sponsoring Lloyd's broker has done the initial sign-off of the application and it is now with the coverholder. However the coverholder is looking to amend the information or add further documents to the application but ATLAS isn't enabling this function.

A: Once the application has been initially signed off this will lock out the function to amend the record in anyway other than to add supporting comments. If you wish any of this information to be amended or documentation to be added then the application will need to be returned back to the original source on ATLAS.

New coverholder applications

Q: When I try and start a new application on ATLAS the box stating 'New coverholder application (Lloyd's broker or Managing Agent) is greyed out and is unable to be clicked, why is this?

A: New coverholder applications are stated from the Company Search tab which is available to Lloyd's brokers and managing agents. This generates the unique PIN and builds the coverholder record which will hold the details and associated documents which the Managing Agent will use to complete their due diligence as to the suitability of the coverholder to act on their behalf. In order for the grey button to be unlocked you will first need to type in the legal name of the entity, select all coverholders and click search. This is a fail safe aspect of ATLAS which will stop the same legal entity and address being registered twice on ATLAS. Once you have searched for this legal entity any coverholder which matches this name will appear, if the prospective coverholder isn't already listed then you can request to start a 'New coverholder application'

Q: I have started the application on ATLAS and the information is nearly complete or the application has now been submitted to the broker or Managing Agent for review, however there has been a change of broker, what do I need to do?

A: If the coverholder is looking to change their broker at any point in the application process, Lloyd's will need to be notified and we will request confirmation from the coverholder that they wish to instruct a new broker. This information needs to be provided either via email or letter to Lloyd's. Once this evidence has been received Lloyd's will amend the broker on the application which will unlock access for them to view the application.