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Sharing risk to create a braver world

Lloyd’s is the world’s leading insurance and reinsurance marketplace, with a common purpose; to understand and share society’s risk

Together with our customers, business partners and communities all over the world, we are building a braver future - one that is more sustainable, resilient and inclusive.

We began with a few courageous individuals insuring intrepid journeys, back then it was vessels and voyages. Today, we are a market of thousands, working on behalf of millions, sharing risk across everything from cargo holds to climate change, space exploration to cyber attacks. From time-proven expertise to cutting edge innovation, our market provides the knowledge, resources and leadership needed to tackle the risks facing our society today. 

As climate, industrial and scientific changes rapidly disrupt the status quo, and our increasingly connected and globalised society faces risks that are more complex and unpredictable, we'll gather together the insight, expertise and entrepreneurialism that makes it possible to adapt, and use our influence to push action forward.

We’re the market place for people to buy, sell and build insurance and risk solutions that protect people around the world and enable bolder, more confident decisions. At Lloyd’s, our purpose is clear, because the world has never needed bravery as much.

Lloyd's. Together for a braver future

What is a braver future?

It’s sustainable – transitioning to a low-carbon planet.

It’s resilient – using evidence and expertise to protect what matters most.

And it’s inclusive – ensuring everyone can see a place for themselves in it.

This is a braver future at Lloyd’s: working alongside industry leaders, policymakers and market partners to enable the progress our customers want, and the world our children deserve.

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A more sustainable future

To build for the long term, we have to think for the long term.

And as we think about the threats that will define our planet for centuries to come – from a changing climate to changing technology – we see a role for risk management in every challenge. 

At Lloyd’s, we’re working to protect our shared future and promote thriving communities in our ESG strategy. This includes working to support the global transition to a low carbon economy, through our leadership of the Insurance Task Force (ITF) as part of the Sustainable Markets Initiative and our ClimateWise commitments, as well as investing in communities and charities through our Community Programme.

Because when Lloyd's grows, society grows too.

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A more resilient future

Climate change. Cyber insecurity. Geopolitical instability. The risks that shape our world, shape our work at Lloyd’s.

We’re building resilience by helping businesses and communities prepare for – and recover from – the most prevalent threats facing society today. 

Our Futureset research community is producing cutting edge research to help customers understand risks and put plans in place to mitigate them. Our Lloyd’s Lab and Lloyd’s Product Launchpad are unearthing the ideas and innovations that will take insurance to the next level – pioneering new ways to keep customers safe and thriving. And we are committed to fill the protection gap by helping developing economies build resilience against natural catastrophes through the Disaster Risk Facility.

Through evidence, experience and expertise, we’re helping society prepare for the worst and to protect what matters most.

Lloyd's colleagues in the Lloyd's underwriting room

A more inclusive future

A braver future requires all of us to build it. Because no matter our race, ethnicity, ability, sexuality, religion or background, we’re better together.

At Lloyd’s, we’re doing more to reflect the diversity of the world that our market insures and building a workplace everyone can take part in and contribute to. 

Our Culture Dashboard launched in 2020 will measure and report on our progress. We want to open our market to sharp minds, safe hands and savvy investors – wherever in society they come from. It’s why we’ve committed to ambitious gender balance and ethnicity goals to make our market more diverse, on all levels. We’re a Top 75 employer on the Social Mobility Index, but we know we have more to do.

Connected with purpose

We help businesses, communities and people to innovate, adapt and thrive in a fast changing world – we don’t just face the future; we help shape what it will become. Our purpose connects everyone at Lloyd’s, working to create a braver world.

Lloyd’s stories

Explore our stories about how purpose drives our work, from the heart of the insurance industry.

Gaia illustration

Confronting wildfire season

In response to the growing risk of Californian wildfires, Wildfire Defense Service (WDS) prepares US properties in advance, so they can survive the vital minutes when a wildfire occurs. Increased wildfires in recent years have created an ‘insurance crisis’; WDS’s has launched a new syndicate at Lloyd’s – Wildfire Defense Syndicate 1996 – to focus solely on insurance solutions for commercial businesses that are unable to find cover.
Aerial view of residential properties damaged by a cyclone

Harnessing the power of parametric insurance

The Lloyd’ Disaster Risk Facility (DRF) supported a one of a kind parametric insurance solution, built for communities struck by cyclones in North Queensland, Australia, to make faster claims payments possible at the worst of times.
Carbon Chain illustration

Greater transparency on the path to net zero

As critical business partners, the Lloyd’s market is increasingly expected to know the carbon footprints of businesses insured at Lloyd’s., so collaboration with new partners is critical to keeping pace with the demand for greater transparency.