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Enables Lloyd's Coverholders in Italy to issue of Lloyd's insurance documentation

MOCHA is a system which allows the Coverholder to capture policyholder details, risk and premium data which forms the basis of the insurance certificate. In addition compliance with certain key elements of the binding authority is verified before the insurance documents are electronically signed.

MOCHA is primarily for use by Coverholders, to enable them to produce insurance documents that are electronically signed and issued, and compliant with certain key elements of their binding authority, when doing Italian business. It is made up of three functions:

  • Policy issuance
  • Quote management
  • Endorsement facility
  • The binding authority record is activated by Lloyd’s Italy before any risks can be added to MOCHA.

Access to MOCHA is limited to those who have been granted access via Lloyd’s Italy:

  • Coverholders – access and input data.
  • Lloyd’s Brokers – access applications, receive reports and deal with special acceptance requests.
  • Managing Agents – access the applications, receive reports and accept or decline special acceptance requests where they are the lead Managing Agent.
  • Lloyd’s – access the applications.

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