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Reputation and Standing

This section details any declarations the Coverholder has made with regards to their reputation and standing.

Details of all the declarations that are made by the Coverholder with regards to their Binding Authority experience and the date the comments were added to ATLAS are stored within this section.

When completing the reputation and standing declaration please ensure you read the declaration carefully and declare any relevant information. This is relevant for both new applications and when completing the annual compliance.

If you select that you have had a Binding Authority or agency agreement terminated or had a prior application to be a Coverholder declined or revoked you will be prompted to provide details. Please provide a clear explanation in the box provided.

Please be aware that all text added on this page will be held on ATLAS and will be reviewable by all organisations with whom you have a relationship on ATLAS.

Reputation and standing can only be updated as part of an annual compliance after a Coverholder is approved. However, you are required to inform Lloyd's of any issues which may affect your suitability as a Coverholder immediately.

This section can be updated by the Coverholder, Lloyd's registered Broker or direct-dealing Managing Agent.