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Company Information

This section consists of the core Coverholder details held on ATLAS.

It is important that Company information is kept-up-to-date for the following reasons:

  • ATLAS provides the information used by Lloyd's Brokers when registering the Coverholder's Binding Authorities. Incorrect information could cause delays in the production of Binding Authorities and could potentially invalidate them.
  • Managing Agents use the information on ATLAS when assessing the firm’s suitability to act as a Coverholder. Incorrect information may influence the outcome of such reviews.
  • The e-mail address provided under ‘Company Contact Details’ will receive auto alerts each time a request has been submitted, approved or rejected by Lloyd’s.

Details that can be changed include:

  • Legal name
  • Trading name
  • Registered address
  • Trading address
  • Postal address
  • Company contact details
  • Coverholder contact details

For further information around changes in respect of the above please see the specific sections below:

This section can be updated by the Coverholder, Lloyd’s registered Broker or direct-dealing Managing Agent via ATLAS. The extension must be supported by the lead Managing Agent.

The task is a zero stage change task. This means that a stakeholder is not required to authorise the change and the information is written directly to the database. The information will be immediately viewable under the details tab.

Sole trader:

As defined by the FCA, a sole trader is someone who operates as an individual other than through the use of a company structure or partnership and has sole responsibility for the actions of the business. Since sole traders are personally responsible for any liabilities incurred by the business, we cannot accept sole traders as Coverholders within Lloyd’s.

Limited liability partnership:

A limited liability partnership is where partners are not personally liable for debts the business can’t pay; their liability is limited to the amount of money which they invest into the business. We can accept limited liability partnerships as Coverholders within Lloyd’s.

The legal name is the name that the company is registered as. For example, in the UK it will be the name that the company is registered with on the Companies House Register. We expect all professional indemnity and undertaking documents to be in the legal name of the Coverholder.

For a change in legal name for an approved Coverholder, Lloyd’s requires that a change of name certificate is uploaded to ATLAS. This must show both the old and new name on the same change of name document. We do not accept licences or a PI Policy as proof of the name change, since these can be for a different entity. If the entity is domiciled in the UK and the information has been updated on the Companies House Register, we do not need the certificate as proof.

If there are multiple branches of the same legal entity, please let us know (as pre-ATLAS Coverholders may not be linked). If there are multiple branches and only some are affected by the changes, please provide further details.

Trading names can be different from the legal name. There can be more than one trading name.

Trading names can be added and deleted without supporting documentation.

However, where the trading name is different to the legal name but may look like a separate legal entity (e.g. if it has Ltd, LLC or Inc), we need confirmation from the Coverholder that the trading name is not a separate legal entity. E-mail correspondence uploaded as a document or comments added to the Company Information change are sufficient as supporting documentation, but they must come from the Coverholder.

If the changes occur due to a change in Ownership, please contact the Delegated Authorities team prior to updating ATLAS or view the ‘Ownership’ information detailed here.

This is the address where the company is registered. For branch applications, this will come from the head office record. For branch applications which are linked, changing the registered address in one account will change all the branches.

When changing a registered address, if this address is different from the trading address Lloyd’s need confirmation from the Coverholder that they will not be carrying out Coverholder activities from the registered address. If the Coverholder will be binding at this address, this will need to be registered as a separate trading address (i.e. a new branch application).

Please note that for UK entities registered under the FCA, the legal names of entities listed on the FCA register synchronizes with ATLAS. This means that if an FCA registration number is added to this section, then the legal name of the coverholder on ATLAS will always reflect the legal name of the entity that is registered under that FCA registration number. If the legal name on ATLAS is different to the legal name registered under the given FCA registration number, then overnight ATLAS will automatically change the legal name on ATLAS back to the name registered under the FCA registration number.

The registration details section lists the local regulator, their reference and the year of incorporation. For example, in the UK this would be the FCA and FCA number.

Lloyd’s does not require any additional information for a change in registration details.

This might be different to the registered address, particularly in the case of a branch application. If the addresses are the same, you can select ‘Copy Registered Address’ to save typing it in again. The trading address is the physical location of the binding or issuing of documents on behalf of Lloyd’s underwriters. If this Coverholder activity is to happen at more than one location, each location must be individually approved.

To change a trading address, Lloyd’s requires confirmation from the Coverholder that they will not be binding or issuing from the old address.

This may be different from the other addresses again, and is where Lloyd’s will send any postal correspondence. If it is the same as above, then select ‘Copy Trading Address’.

Lloyd’s does not require any additional information for a change in postal address.

These are the general contact details for the company. The website will appear on the market directories and the email will receive alerts from ATLAS to confirm the status changes of tasks as they move towards completion.

Lloyd’s does not require any additional information for a change in company contact details.

These are contact details of an individual for the Coverholder operation. This individual may be contacted directly by Lloyd's with questions, invitations to events and appropriate regulatory notices.

If you change the contact email, this email will not automatically be given access to the Coverholder record. To apply for access please go to

Q: We wish to add another trading address for this Coverholder, can this be done through one pin on ATLAS?

A: If you wish to add another trading address for a Coverholder in addition to the existing address, this will need to be completed through a new branch application. Details of how to complete this can be found here.

Q: I have been notified that I need to complete an annual compliance task but when I click on the task it states that a change is already in process. Why am I locked out of the annual compliance task?

A: Starting an annual compliance will lock out the change for other Lloyd's Brokers or direct dealing Managing Agents with a relationship with the same Coverholder. Conversely, this means that if you are locked out of an annual compliance this will be because the Coverholder or another broker is completing it. If you are expecting access to the annual compliance but are locked out please speak to your Coverholder who can see who is completing the annual compliance and liaise with them where necessary. Submission or cancellation of the annual compliance will unlock the task for other users. If another party does complete an annual compliance for the Coverholder it may be worth checking for changes or that the compliance has been completed to the standard you require.