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Core Market Returns Guidebook

Tool for collecting syndicate level data enabling Lloyd’s to meet its reporting and analytical requirements

The Core Market Returns System (CMR) is a web-based system, used to collect syndicate level data to enable the Corporation of Lloyd’s to meet its reporting and analytical requirements.

This guide aims to provide an overview of each of the returns within CMR and how the different departments within Lloyd’s as a whole use the information. Each return has its own separate instructions, which give details for the completion of the returns. This guide is not a substitute for the instructions. When completing a return managing agents must refer to the instructions for that return.

The guide is divided into two main sections. The first section covers the individual returns, listing them in alphabetical order. The second section provides information on the Corporation departments that use the data in the returns.

If you have any comments on the guide, such as additional information that you would like to see included, then please e-mail your suggestions to:

This version of the guide was issued in June 2017.

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