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Enables Lloyd's Coverholders to print insurance documentation in Italy

DOPRINT is a system which allows the Coverholder to import the relevant policyholder details, premium data and to attach PDF files with risk information and policy wordings which form the basis of the insurance certificate. In addition it provides automated checks of each declaration against certain key elements of the Coverholder’s Binding Authority Agreement.

DOPRINT can be accessed either through a web-interface or from the Coverholders own system using the DOPRINT web service.

Access to DOPRINT is limited to those who have signed a DOPRINT user agreement:

  • Coverholders – access and import data.
  • Lloyd’s has access to the application (Lloyd’s do not sign the agreement) and to maintain the system.

DOPRINT is primarily for use by Coverholders, to enable them to produce insurance documents that are electronically signed and issued, and compliant with Italian law, when doing Italian business. It is made up of two functions:

  • Policy issuance
  • Endorsement facility

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