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Our sustainable
impact on society

Protecting people and planet

Sustainability is at the core of our purpose: sharing risk to create a braver world. We’ve placed it at the centre of our decision-making processes, our operations, and our wider relationships. We are committed to being the insurer of the transition and this means transforming and using our unique and historic market to help build a more sustainable, resilient and inclusive society.  

At Lloyd’s, when we talk about ‘sustainability’, we mean our impact on society. Sustainability is about recognising our responsibility to our stakeholders, the communities in which we operate and how we deliver value. Whether that is through innovative insurance products, risk expertise and mitigation or charitable partnerships. 

As the world around us changes, we have been challenged to go further in our mission.  From more inclusive organisations to the transition to a lower carbon world, there are no easy solutions to the challenges society faces. We are playing our part by convening, collaborating, and taking action as we work to support sectors, businesses and countries around the world navigate uncertainty. 

Our actions

Our recent progress

Lloyd’s is focussed on supporting an orderly, but urgent transition to a low carbon economy. One which empowers customer innovation but is backed by sustainable and thorough risk transfer. Together, we can help to make the world more resilient, creating a sustainable future for all.
Rebekah Clement, Corporate Affairs Director, Lloyd’s

Contact us

We have set up a Sustainability response team who are responsible for responding to all Sustainability enquiries.

All enquiries will be triaged and directed to the relevant SME or committee for appropriate consideration and comment and responded to as soon as the enquiry has been resolved. 

Please contact us for more information.