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The Capital and Planning Group (CPG)

The Capital and Planning Group (CPG)

A cross directorate and multi-functional decision making committee that is responsible for reviewing and agreeing business plans and capital requirements

The Capital and Planning Group (CPG)

The duties of the CPG are:

  • To approve all Business Plans and Capital requirements in a consistent and fair manner by appropriate deadlines and meeting Lloyd’s agreed prudential and business objectives.
  • To approve Business Plan and Capital requirements of new syndicates and/or managing agents.
  • To approve any Franchise Guideline dispensations.
  • To agree the format, facilitate production of and sign-off the cross Corporation view and documentation released to managing agents.
  • To communicate decisions made by the group to key stakeholders within Lloyd’s and to managing agents.
  • To co-ordinate with the Business Opportunities Committee (BOC) and Executive Risk Committee (ERC).

Contact for specific CPG related queries

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