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Lloyd’s market services catalogue

Discover the status of our suite of tools and technologies that support your business needs.

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Important business services

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Co-ordinates the movement/settlement of insurance transaction monies between authorised members of the Lloyd's market. Enabling all the individual transactions to be aggregated into one net movement per currency per day - saving managing agents & brokers having to make multiple payments to each other.

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Annual process whereby Members buy and sell syndicate capacity. The process involves receiving bids from Stakeholders, running auction matching process and bi-lateral processes and publishing results to the market.

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Complaints received direct from eligible complainant policyholders, investigates and makes decisions on UK and specified international territories and complaints referred by the US DOI. Oversight of complaint handling in market and support the catastrophe response plan.

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Ownership of Members’ Assets

The provision of reporting on Members’ individual Funds At Lloyd’s investments (FAL) to calculate a Member’s capital position, pay over Members’ investment income on Funds At Lloyd’s and support Members’ investment decisions.

Delegated Authority services

Providing the Lloyd’s market with binding authority registration approval and scheduling coverholder audits, admissions and annual compliance.

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Delegated Contract and Oversight Manager (DCOM)

DCOM is the platform allowing market participants to register binding authority contracts.

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Delegated Audit Manager (AiMS)

AiMS is an online platform that standardises the collection, validation, and processing of Delegated Authority data.

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Coverholder Applications (Atlas)

Atlas is a secure web-based system that acts as an electronic filing and online application system for Coverholders.

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Lineage is a online tool used for the reporting and settlement of Canadian binding authority business.

Regulatory reporting

Meet PRA and global regulatory reporting requirements by having a service in place for managing agents to submit data to Lloyd’s and provide structured reporting.

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Market data collections

Main collection website for Managing Agents to submit data to Lloyd’s.

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Core Market Returns (CMR)

Tool for collecting syndicate level data enabling Lloyd's to meet its reporting and analytical requirements.

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Lloyd’s Direct Reporting (LDR)

LDR is a process that enables managing agents to report regulatory & tax information directly to Lloyd’s for applicable business.

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SecureShare is a secure web-based facility that allows Lloyd’s market users to exchange files with Lloyd’s Corporation.

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Overseas Reporting Service (ORS)

The Overseas Reporting Service ensures that regulatory returns in respect of business written in certain territories outside of the United Kingdom are filed accurately and on time.

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MOCHA is a web-based system designed by Lloyd's to assist Lloyd's coverholders in the issuance of Lloyd's insurance documentation in Italy.

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DOPRINT enables Lloyd's coverholders to print insurance documentation in Italy.

Placing business

Providing information to managing agents and brokers around license, tax and regulatory requirements. Specifically deliver international trading advice service to the Lloyd's market, providing regulatory information, advice and tools to support profitable growth and compliant operations (led by International Trading Advice, IRA)

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Crystal is Lloyd's online business tool that provides Lloyd's market participants with quick and easy access to international regulatory and taxation requirements.

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Quality Assurance Tool (QA Tool)

The Quality Assurance Tool (QA Tool) provides experienced market specialists with periodic updates and prompts on contract quality requirements for open market and binding authority contracts.

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Risk Locator Tool

The Risk Locator Tool provides guidance on what to consider when identifying the locations of risk for regulatory and tax purposes.

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Italian Web Tender

Italian Web Tender Service is a file sharing system for managing tenders and supporting documentation.