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How to become a Lloyd's registered broker

Lloyd's is the foundation of the modern insurance industry. Will you play a role in our future?

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Our Sales Enablement Hub provides registered brokers a range of tools to promote your partnership with Lloyd’s and help grow your business.

Becoming a Lloyd’s registered broker

As a registered Lloyd's broker you'll have direct access to a unique pool of underwriting expertise in the Lloyd's global marketplace. You'll find the opportunities especially attractive for clients requiring specialist, innovative or bespoke risk solutions.

Using their specialist knowledge to locate the best underwriters and negotiate the most favourable contractual terms, our brokers have been bringing outstanding opportunities to the Lloyd's market for more than 300 years.

Join our dynamic global team with clients in over 200 countries, and you'll help ensure Lloyd's continues to lead as a powerfully diverse international marketplace.

As a member of our prestigious community you'll benefit from the strength of Lloyd's internationally recognised brand, our team of global experts and our calendar of exclusive events.

Our registered brokers are all experts within their fields, demonstrating true commercial expertise, professionalism and integrity. We welcome suitable applications from brokers in the UK and overseas. Our Broker Relationship Management team are here to guide you through the registration process. To arrange your pre- application meeting get in touch today.

Access the world’s largest specialist insurance market

Grow your business in a truly global market

Thrive in one of the world’s most dynamic financial centres

Gain competitive advantage with the strongest brand in insurance

Broker registration guide

Our broker registration guides provide information for brokers who wish to become a registered Lloyd’s broker.

Registration process

The process of becoming a registered Lloyd's broker has three main stages:


Submission of our application form and £10,000 registration fee

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Securing letters of support from managing agents

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Connecting to Xchanging, our business processing service

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Additionally from 1 June 2019 all Lloyd’s brokers are required to be connected to an electronic system for the placement of contracts of (re)insurance. 

Before you apply, please contact the Lloyd's Broker Relationship Management team to inform us that you are interested in becoming a registered Lloyd's broker. You will then be invited to attend a pre application meeting at Lloyd's. The purpose of the meeting is for us to better understand your rationale for applying and provide an opportunity to discuss the process with you.

If you are established in, or have your main place of business in a country where Lloyd's has a Country Representative, you should first contact the Country Representative to discuss your intention to apply. A list of all Lloyd's Country Representatives can be found in Lloyd’s around the world.

Xchanging Process

Lloyd's outsources a number of functions to a processing company called Xchanging including:

  • Processing premiums and claims

  • Checking or producing policies (where required)

  • Providing data on behalf of the market for regulatory purposes

  • Supporting Lloyd's Settlement and trust Fund Operations (STFO) which operates Lloyd's central accounting arrangements

In order to transact and process business in the Lloyd's market, your firm needs to be able to use Xchanging's systems. 

For more information please contact:

Contact the Broker Relationship Management Team

Our Broker Relationship Management team are here to guide you through the registration process. To arrange your pre application meeting get in touch today.