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Lloyd's Brand

To ensure the Lloyd’s brand is used correctly we have produced a set of brand guidelines for approved coverholders.

Lloyd’s brand is our most powerful asset. Using it correctly helps to ensure it remains recognizable, consistent across the world and retains its value. Using it incorrectly or inappropriately can mislead customers and dilute its value. When using Lloyd’s name or logos, the most important consideration is ensuring the customer understands exactly who is insuring their risk. Brand guidelines are available for Coverholders and all market participants, which provide more detail on how to use the Lloyd’s brand and help you understand how to bring the Lloyd’s brand to life in your communications.

Coverholders may refer to Lloyd’s on general and product promotional material. When referring to Lloyd’s, it is important that you use specific phrases to clarify your relationship (or your product’s relationship) with Lloyd’s. Your Lloyd's broker or Managing Agent will help you make sure you use the Lloyd’s brand correctly but to request the Lloyd's logos or if you would like any further information about the Lloyd’s brand, please contact us. or visit the link below.

Use of the Lloyd’s logos:

On promotion material

You may use the Coverholder at Lloyd’s logo on the home page of your website, business cards and letterheads. You may also use it on product promotional material where the product has been 100% underwritten at Lloyd’s.

On insurance policies and documentation

You can use both the Lloyd’s logo and the Arms of Lloyd’s on official insurance documentation. These may not be edited or changed in any way.

Please note: Insurance documentation is defined as documents issued with the authority of Lloyd’s underwriters as evidence of an insurance contract, provided these documents identify only Lloyd’s underwriters as the insurers.

Where a document also refers to an intermediary, the relationship between the intermediary and Lloyd’s underwriters must be made clear on the face of the document.

The coverholder brand guidelines do not address local insurance regulatory requirements, including advertising restrictions and prohibitions, which may be imposed in some jurisdictions (including the US), on market participants, capital providers and others.

Certain use of the Lloyd’s name and Lloyd’s logo which might be permissible under these general guidelines might nevertheless constitute a violation of local law. In such cases local legal requirements will always prevail.

To request the Lloyd's logos or if you would like any further information about the Lloyd’s brand, please contact us or visit the link below.