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Delegated Data Manager

Delegated Data Manager

Online platform that standardises the collection, validation, and processing of Delegated Authority data

Delegated Data Manager (previously DA SATS) is a central bordereaux processing platform that went live in 2018. It was developed in partnership with the market, to standardise the collection and validation of Delegated Authority data across the market, enabling efficient global business transactions.

Further development of Delegated Data Manager is underway to enable integration with other market bordereaux processing systems. Enhancements currently being worked on include defining a DA data strategy within Lloyd’s to provide clarity on data required for regulatory and tax purposes. Improved guidance for system usage and Coverholder reporting standards is also being developed.

Key functionality

Current functionality includes:

The processing of bordereaux data

Delegated Data Manager standardises bordereaux data, translating the bordereau format to standard data fields using a simple, once-only questionnaire.

The ability to generate reports

This includes monitoring Gross Income utilisation, contract status, bordereaux submission, volume status and data validations.

Future functionality will include:

Automated contractual validation

Delegated Data Manager will validate contract data to Coverholder 5.2 standards, resolving data quality issues for standardising, cleansing and enriching bordereau data.

Support Lloyd’s reporting systems

Delegated Data Manager will provide a central source of DA data to support centralised Regulatory, Tax and Compliance reporting on behalf of the market.

Integration with other market-wide systems

Delegated Data Manager will enable electronic submission and distribution of Delegated Authority Data to and from market systems. This will also include potential integration with Lloyd’s Coverholder Workbench and Future at Lloyd’s Risk Exchange.

Integration with Lloyd’s Delegated Contract Manager

Electronic integration will enable the flow of contracts and market participant data between Delegated Contract Manager (previously Chorus) and Delegated Data Manager.


Delegated Data Manager updates

04 March 2021 Update on the Conditions of Trade

Lloyd’s announces it will no longer be requiring all market firms to submit delegated authority data on Delegated Data Manager from H2 2021. Find out about the phased approach to adoption that we will be implementing and how you can get involved.