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Market Data Collections (MDC)

What is MDC?

MDC (Market Data Collection) is a Web Based Tool for collecting syndicate level data enabling Lloyd’s to meet its reporting and analytical requirements. A variety of data is collected to enable Lloyd’s to exercise oversight of the market as well as to fulfil our reporting obligations to UK and overseas regulators and other stakeholders.

Description of Data

Data is collected to enable Lloyd’s to satisfy the tax and regulatory obligations for the territories it operates in, such as: 

  • Comply with UK PRA solvency II pillar 3 requirements 
  • Calculate and disclose tax obligations for all territories (UK, US, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.) 
  • Regional specific returns such as Conduct Risk, Terrorism, Medical, etc.

Data is also collected to enable Lloyd’s to govern and protect the overall market, such as:  

  • Performance management to take a holistic view of the market’s strategic and financial dependencies 
  • Risk modelling submissions, to monitor potential exposure to aggregate catastrophes and other large losses  
  • Syndicate business forecast, to govern the types & volumes of business written at Lloyd's

Currently the core set of data is collected from the Lloyd’s market via Market Data Collections (MDC), Core Market Returns (CMR) and additional data is captured via a secure file upload facility ‘SecureShare’, LDR (Direct Reporting) or Alteryx or alternatively direct collection via email.

Market Returns Live in MDC

  • GQD - Gross Quarterly Data Return
  • LCR - Lloyd's Capital Return
  • Non-XIS Q - Quarterly Non-XIS Overseas Return
  • Non-XIS A - Annual Non-XIS Return
  • Part VII - Monthly Part VII submissions for LIC
  • PMD - Quarterly Performance Management Data Return
  • PMDA - Month 18 Performance Management Data Return
  • QMA - Quarterly Monitoring Return Part A
  • QMB - Quarterly Monitoring Return Part B
  • SAO - Statement of Actuarial Opinion
  • SBF - Syndicate Business Forecast
  • SRR - Singapore Risk Registration

Support & More information

Any MDC related queries can be raised via one of the two ways:

  1. If you are a registered DCOM portal user, please use the Market Support Centre Portal.
  2. For all other other users, please continue using the mailbox.

Market User Agreement

  • Similar to the existing Core Market Returns system’s Terms and Conditions, Lloyd’s requires each firm to accept the Market Data Collections Master User Agreement Terms and Conditions, upon their first login to MDC. 
  • These have been aligned to previously signed equivalent agreements signed by the market for CMR, SecureShare and LAF.
  • These terms and conditions have been communicated to the Market, with all agencies now having these in place.

How to get access to MDC?

Access management is done within each Managing Agent organisation by their Organisation’s Devolved Admins (DAs).

The MDC platform is accessed via a web portal which has meant that the end users will not be required to make any significant changes within their infrastructure to support the platform.

Managing Agents are required however to meet the following standard operating system requirements:

  • Dual Core (1.6GHz or above recommended)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Operating system MS Windows 7 or above (Win 7 require use of Chrome browser)
  • Minimum graphics resolution 1366x786
  • Microsoft Office 2010 or above (for downloading/editing offline excel files)
  • PDF Viewer
  • Chrome 53+ or Internet Explorer (IE11) Please be aware, Internet Explorer settings may need to be changed to enable a copy and paste functionality.

The platform is hosted within Microsoft Azure and therefore will benefit from Microsoft’s single sign on (SSO) solution.

MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)) set up is required

All users to be created by their organisations DA. Once done, use the Market Support Centre Portal to raise a request for Azure Invite. All authorised users will receive an email from Microsoft Azure requesting they register for the service

Background and rationale

Currently Lloyd’s collects a large variety of data from market participants. 

The vast majority of which is financial & insurance risk data (both past and projected) at various levels of granularity; premium, claims, expenses, exposure, capital, reinsurance, etc. 

Data is collected to enable Lloyd’s to satisfy the tax and regulatory obligations for the territories it operates in and to enable Lloyd’s to govern and protect the overall market.

The information requirements from regulators across the countries and territories Lloyd’s operates within continues to expand in volume and variety, necessitating an efficient and agile data collection and processing pipeline.