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Our world is faced with more unknowns than ever before. How do we predict the unpredictable and manage risk in increasingly challenging conditions, protecting our communities, society and economy against threats both known and unknown? 

Futureset provides a global platform and community to create and share risk insight, expertise, and solutions to our most challenging problems. Through cutting-edge risk research and insights, events, and access to leading experts, we’ll work together to spark innovation, build understanding and drive forward resilience solutions - helping you bravely face tomorrow’s challenges, today.

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This series examines the importance, risks and challenges of decarbonisation across industry, transport and energy. It also outlines Lloyd’s climate action commitments, together with the role of the global insurance industry in supporting and accelerating the world’s transition to a sustainable future.

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The Systemic Risk Masterclass series

Delve into our new Masterclass Series to hear from industry leaders, build your understanding, and get advice on strengthening your preparedness for systemic risk.

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Watch our video series on Systemic Risk, hosted by Anne McElvoy of The Economist, capturing short conversations with leading figures who give their take on the big questions around widespread threats to national and global infrastructure.

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Download Lloyd’s exclusive insights and in-depth findings on the latest developments in systemic risk.