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Professional Indemnity

This section shows the details of the professional indemnity insurance held by the Coverholder.

There are two options for professional indemnity, to update or to add a new policy. Updating the policy will enable the user to edit the details of the current policy such as increase policy limits or deductibles or extend the policy period. This button will take you straight to the PI change form and will bring through the data already held. A new professional indemnity will enable the user to add details about a new or renewed policy for the period. You can use the drop down at the top of the page to navigate through older professional indemnity details.

When the PI cover has 30 days left to run, a waiting task will appear on the homepage of the Coverholder, Broker and direct dealing Managing Agent. This will act as a diary reminder and a shortcut to start the task. A copy of your current Professional Indemnity policy must be uploaded on Atlas once renewed annually.

Please note that Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance includes Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance and Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance.

It is very important that the Coverholder keeps these details up to date. In particular the Coverholder must:

  • Keep an up-to-date copy of the policy, wordings, schedule and any endorsements on ATLAS.
  • Ensure that the expiry date of the PI cover is shown correctly.
  • Include details of any claims made.

Does your professional indemnity cover Lloyd's Binding Authorities?

All PI cover should cover activities on behalf of Lloyd's underwriters. Evidence should be provided in the form of the full policy wordings and, if available, the proposal form. If, as is the case of some territories, a certificate is provided to confirm cover but the wordings follow weeks later, the updated professional indemnity function can be used to attach the wordings when available.

We accept:

  • An e-mail or endorsement to the existing policy from the carrier confirming Coverholder activities are covered or where each binder must be notified to the carrier, confirmation that the particular Lloyd’s binder the application is for is covered.
  • Activities as a Managing General Agent or Underwriting Agent.

We do not accept:

  • Insurance Agent, insurance Broker or insurance mediation activities. ‘Administration of’ or ‘provision of’ are insufficient also.
  • Policies that do not exclude Coverholder activities. The policy must explicitly show those activities as covered.

Bulk Change Professional Indemnity:

For a professional indemnity which needs to be uploaded across multiple records the bulk change function may be useful. The bulk change function allows the changes to be applied to multiple records in one action. Please see bulk change tab for further information.

Separate Fidelity Policy:

Please be aware that if you select that you purchased a separate fidelity insurance policy the form will expect two documents to be attached. If this box is ticked and only one document has been added the form will not validate and get a green tick and will not be able to be submitted.


Please provide details of any PI claims made by an applicant Coverholder in the past 5 years or by an approved Coverholder in past 12 months.

Lloyd's does not 'approve' the Coverholder's PI cover. Lloyd's centrally may review the submission and consult with the Lloyd's Brokers with a registered interest or lead Lloyd's Managing Agents if necessary. It is up to the lead Lloyd's Managing Agents to decide whether the Professional Indemnity cover is adequate for their credit risk.

This section can be updated by the Coverholder, Lloyd's registered Broker or direct-dealing Managing Agent.

The task is a zero stage change task. This means that a stakeholder is not required to authorise the change and the information is written directly to the database. The information will be immediately viewable under the details tab.

Q: Can I upload my PI certificate and fidelity insurance cover together and how should I name the files being uploaded:

A: You are required to upload a copy of your PI certificate and fidelity insurance cover if purchased separately. Select 'Add a Document'. When choosing a title aim for something self-explanatory such as 'PI Certificate 20XX' or 'PI Wordings expiring 31/12/20XX'. For further information on uploading documents please see the Adding Documents page from the menu on the left.

Q: I have uploaded the latest PI policy however no one else with a relationship with this Coverholder is able to view the documents:

A: The professional indemnity should be made available to the subscribing market so the documents can be viewable by all companies who have a relationship with the Coverholder. Please select 'All companies that have a relationship with this Coverholder' when uploading a document.