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Key Staff

This section holds details of the key staff at the Coverholder who are involved in Coverholder activities.

All staff named on any binding authority with the Coverholder should be included in the key staff section. Coverholders are required to inform managing agents of changes to key staff before they inform Lloyd’s. Any individual you are wishing to add must be approved by the lead Managing Agent before the task is submitted on ATLAS to Lloyd's. All staff named on any Binding Authority with the Coverholder should be included in the key staff section and who will be responsible for binder business at this Coverholder office should be detailed.

ATLAS shows who the member of staff is, what their role(s) at the Coverholder is and when they started working for the Coverholder. Please ensure that all key staff are up to date on ATLAS with a CV or resume attached for each member of staff.

Every key staff member must have at least one role. The possible roles are:

1. Responsible for overall operation and control of the Binding Authority Agreement.

2. Authorised to bind insurances.

3. Responsibility for the issuance of documents.

4. Authorised to exercise any claims authority.

If both binding and claims authority are selected for any member of staff you will be prompted to explain how the potential conflict of interest will be managed. Lloyd's expects to see a separation of duties between underwriting and claims.

After clicking new key staff you will be asked if you want to make changes to certain other sections of the Coverholder's ATLAS details. Answering yes to any of these questions will add the forms to the change request. Selecting update for a member of staff will load a form with the staff member's data. This can then be edited to amend the role(s) of the staff member or to cease their relationship with the Coverholder if they no longer work there. The update function cannot be used to edit the name of a staff member.

For each key staff member please complete all details requested, please note that nationality and date of birth are not mandatory but any information you can provide here will help Lloyd's process the application. Additional key staff members can be added to the page by selecting add key staff rather than creating a separate task.

When completing ATLAS please record under "Start Date" the date on which the staff member began their employment at the coverholder in question. Please also ensure that this date is accurately reflected on the CV provided to support the submissions.

Claims: For a new application where claims authority has been requested Lloyd's would expect to see at least one key staff member with claims authority. However if the entity isn't requiring to have claims authority from the outset then a claims role doesn't need to be selected for an individual.

Direct Employment: Lloyd's would expect every key staff member to be directly employed by the Coverholder. If this is not the case please use the supporting comments to supply a rationale.

Attaching CVs and Resumes: A CV or resume should be attached detailing the individual’s experience. Personal information such as home address and contact details do not need to be supplied. With this in mind the document should be made available to all parties who have a relationship with the Coverholder or that task will be returned for amendments.

This section can be updated by the Coverholder, Lloyd's registered Broker or direct-dealing Managing Agent.

The task is a zero stage change task. This means that a stakeholder is not required to authorise the change and the information is written directly to the database. The information will be immediately viewable under the details tab.

Guidance updated following Covid 19: Currently, binding authority contracts need to name each individual who has authority in the coverholder to bind risks, issue insurance documents or settle claims (and binders need to be endorsed with any changes to these named persons). This would include 'remote workers' carrying out the above functions who would also be named on the binding authority.

With immediate effect, only the individual(s) with overall responsibility for the binding authority (i.e. those who would be named in section 3.1 of the model binder wording) must be named. A list of the persons who would otherwise be named in sections 3.2, 3,3 and 3.4 and any remote workers should be separately maintained on ATLAS.

In addition, 'remote worker application forms' do not need to be completed in respect of coverholder staff who are now working from home (unless that location is now a new trading location for the coverholder). Please visit our key staff page further information.

The remote worker form is only needed In the below instances:

An authorised Remote Worker Declaration is only required if the unapproved address is; 
•            advertised as a business workplace and it features on any business correspondence or website; 
•            Insurance documents feature the remote address; 
•            The location of where they are working could be considered as an establishment for tax or regulatory purposes 
•            Premiums are paid to the remote address.

 [PDF] Remote worker declaration

Q: The key staff member has recently got married/divorced or wishes to change their name, however I am unable to update this information on the key staff section under the specific individual as the name is blanked out.

A: ATLAS doesn't enable you to amend the name of a key staff member once approved. If the individual has changed their name you will need to put a cease date (effective from the date of the name change) within their current record and then a new key staff task will need to be created and submitted to Lloyd's for approval.

Q: I have upload a copy of the individuals CV or resume however no one else with a relationship with this Coverholder is able to view the documents:

A: The CV or resume should be made available to the subscribing market so the documents should be viewable by all companies who have a relationship with the Coverholder. Please select 'All companies that have a relationship with this Coverholder' when uploading a document. Key staff tasks will be returned if these documents are submitted as restricted for amendments to take effect.

Q: I have a few changes I wish to make to the Coverholder record, do I have to make these changes through separate task or can I group them all together.

A: After clicking new key staff you will be asked if you want to make changes to certain other sections of the Coverholder's Atlas details. Answering yes to any of these questions will add the forms to the change request. Please note that we will be unable to approve the task until we are comfortable with all the submitted tabs which will fall within different service standards.

Q: Lloyd's on many occasions returns the key staff task on ATLAS requesting we verify the experience within the CVs of the new individuals we are trying to upload.

A: To speed up the approval process of a key staff task if the supporting Broker or Managing Agent provides a statement within the comments box as to why they deem this individual to have the necessary experience to be listed on the binder.

Q: When uploading a CV or resume how up-to-date does the document need to be for it to be approved by Lloyd's.

A: The CVs should be no older than 6 months effective from the submission on ALTAS and should contain relevant experience of their current role.