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Bulk Changes

The Bulk Changes function allows the professional indemnity, financials and assertion of licences of an organisation to be updated across multiple Coverholder records in one task.

As Lloyd's gives Coverholder approval to each and every location within an organisation there will be some Coverholders which are part of the same legal entity i.e. branch entities. These Coverholders will often be covered under the same professional indemnity, licences and will share financials.

Coverholder users will have the right to make a bulk change for the Coverholder locations which they have ATLAS access rights for. If you don't currently have access to your other Coverholder locations please apply here. The buttons will be disabled if you only have access to one record. Coverholder users with access to multiple records will have a drop down in the top right hand corner which lists the records and allows the user to switch between them. These will be the locations to which the changes can be applied.

For Lloyd's Brokers or direct dealing Managing Agents the changes are applied to a choice of Coverholders which have been grouped together. To enable the buttons the Coverholder will need to be part of a Coverholder group which is maintained in ATLAS by Lloyd's Delegated Authority Team. To request for Coverholders to be grouped please email

Starting a Bulk Change:

Click on the bulk changes tab and once the buttons are enabled click on the bulk change task you would like to start.

Select the Coverholders to whom you would like the task to apply to from the list available on the stakeholders page. This list will only show Coverholders who are part of the group and whom the user has a relationship with.

For further information please see the relevant page on each type of change you are grouping together.

The task is a zero stage change task. This means that a stakeholder is not required to authorise the change and the information is written directly to the database. The information will be immediately viewable under the details and documents tabs.