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Frequently asked questions

Explore our answers to the questions most frequently asked by people using the Lloyd’s website.

If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact us.

Bank accounts

We are the world’s leading insurance market. 

If you are looking for Lloyds Bank, please visit their website.


The Lloyd’s brand is globally recognised both within the insurance industry and broader society. 

Our brand guidelines are designed to help you understand how you can use the brand within your own communications. Using it correctly helps to ensure it remains recognisable, consistent across the world, and retains its value.


Accessing the building

Find information on our entrances, accessible access, lifts, Underwriting Room and access pass requests.

Photography and filming

Explore our images of the building, which are free to use. You can also find out more about filming in the building.

Tours of the Lloyd’s building

Take a tour of our award winning headquarters.


Find out more about a career at Lloyd’s, including our current vacancies.

Please note that we do not accept speculative job applications. 


Find out more about our community involvement through the Lloyd’s of London Foundation and our charities.


It is Lloyd’s policy that all complaints should be handled quickly, fairly and in accordance with the requirements of the Financial Conduct Authority. 

Find out more about our complaints handling arrangements.

Historical records

Lloyd’s Corporate Archive is freely accessible to the public.

Insurance cover

Find out more about obtaining insurance cover at Lloyd’s.

Lloyd’s Agency

The Lloyd’s Agency department manages three highly respected, distinct but related functions which service the marine insurance industry:

  • the Lloyd’s Agency Network
  • the production of certificates of insurance in respect of marine business
  • the salvage arbitration process arising from use of Lloyd’s Open Form

Lloyd’s Register

Lloyd’s Register has information on surveys, inspections, products and/or design appraisals, construction and classification, issues related to ISO standards and some historical shipping records. There is also information on Lloyd's BS registration.


Find out more about the verification of cover and making a claim.