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Customer Oversight

The role of the Lloyd’s Customer Oversight Team is to oversee the market’s ability to meet Lloyd’s expectations relating to customer outcomes. Key areas of focus include conduct risk, product governance, delegated authorities and claims handling.

In addition to day to day market engagement Lloyd’s Customer Oversight Team is involved in a variety of activities to educate and support the market in achieving good customer outcomes.

Underpinning everything the team does is Lloyd’s Principle 5 – Customer Outcomes:

Managing agents should embed a culture and associated behaviours throughout their business to ensure that they consistently focus on good customer outcomes and that products provide fair value.
Lloyd’s Principle 5 – Customer Outcomes

In their entirety, the Lloyd's Principles set out the fundamental responsibilities expected of all managing agents and are at the heart of Lloyd’s enhanced oversight framework. 

Learn more about some of the Customer Oversight Team’s initiatives and expectations below, as well as links to information and resources relevant to good customer oversight and further information on the Lloyd’s Principles.

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