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Our strategy

Lloyd’s is the world’s leading insurance and reinsurance marketplace, protecting assets, promoting growth and sharing risk to create a braver world

We have four key strategic priorities that will enable us to deliver value to our stakeholders:






At Lloyd’s, we remain committed to delivering sustainable, profitable performance

The remediation work we have undertaken in partnership with the market, including a requirement for all syndicates to produce logical, realistic and achievable business plans, is bearing fruit and is demonstrated in our latest strong results.


The Future at Lloyd’s strategy envisions a data-focused, automated, and cost-efficient insurance marketplace. 

Through Blueprint Two, we are building digital solutions for the market, making it better, faster and cheaper for all participants to do business at Lloyd’s.


Everything we do at Lloyd’s is underpinned by our purpose of sharing risk to create a braver world

In recent years marked by the continued impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the conflict in Ukraine, and the need for urgent global action to address the climate emergency, delivering our purpose has remained front and centre.  


We are committed to creating a diverse, inclusive and high performance culture across our market to attract and retain the best talent. 

The leaders in the market support the need for cultural change as evidenced by the large increase in the proportion of Boards and risk committees where culture is a set agenda item.


Our sustainability commitments

We believe our work on climate change and community engagement is interwoven with our purpose to share risk to create a braver world. In order to build a more sustainable, resilient and inclusive society, we must not just think about our own actions, but how we can partner with those around us to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes on the issues facing communities and society. 

Lloyd’s sustainability activities focus on three roles of the Corporation: our own operations, leading the market, and bringing people together to solve complex challenges. We have made strong progress in making Lloyd’s more sustainable, resilient and inclusive. 

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You can read more about our strategy in our latest annual report.

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