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Lloyd’s Futureset is a global platform and community launched to create and share risk insight, intelligence and expertise.

As a Futuresetter, you can help Lloyd’s and the global insurance industry’s efforts to deepen societal understanding of risk. Together, we will act as a catalyst for industry, government and communities to develop greater resilience against the growing and interconnected risks that we face today – enabling a braver and safer world to face the future.

Why should I sign up?

To help us to achieve these aims you can join the Futuresetters Community today. You’ll gain valuable insight and tools to help you:

Why Lloyd’s Futureset?

Futureset was launched in 2021 as a response to the significant challenges that arose out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The unprecedented social and economic impact of COVID-19, and the potential global impact of other such systemic risks has highlighted the need to take action to support customers in the face of today and tomorrow’s greatest challenges. Lloyd’s Futuresetters are at the forefront of this response.

Below we’ve highlighted some of the great work that’s already underway across the Futureset community to address some of the greatest issues facing our world today.