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Application & Processes

This section outlines the coverholder and Service Company application process, including how to submit an application and important requirements both pre approval and post approval.

To become a Coverholder you must find a sponsoring Broker and Managing Agent willing to support your application, or in the case where no Broker is involved a direct deal Managing Agent who is acting as a Broker. You can find a directory of Lloyd’s Brokers online. It makes most sense to talk to a Lloyd’s Broker who deals with the type of business you do.

The Lloyd's Broker will be your main point of contact for information regarding Coverholder processes, systems, and requirements. When you have found a Lloyd's Broker that is willing to sponsor your application, they will then find an appropriate Managing Agent to support your application, unless it’s a direct deal between the Coverholder and the Managing Agent who is sponsoring the application.

Once a Managing Agent has been found, they will complete a process of due diligence on your firm. If the Managing Agent wishes to support your application and grant you a binding authority, the sponsoring Broker or direct dealing Managing Agent must then start the application on ATLAS.

For coverholder applications that require Lloyd’s Insurance Company (“Lloyd’s Europe”) approval please see the user guide for further guidance.

Lloyd's Europe applications submitted without the appropriate licences from the local regulator can only be approved in principal until the requisite licences are obtained.

If you have any further queries regarding Lloyd’s Europe coverholder applications please contact: