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Diversity & inclusion

Diversity & inclusion within the Lloyd’s market

Lloyd’s aim is to build a diverse, inclusive environment that reflects the global markets we work in and in which everyone is treated with dignity and respect

We are creating a culture in which every market participant fulfils their full potential, ensuring that leaders role-model the behaviours we expect in ourselves and others.

To promote diversity & inclusion within the Lloyd’s market, we partner with market-wide networks and external partners, and support inclusivity through market engagement forums like Inclusion@Lloyd’s and actvities, like our annual Dive In festival. 

Our Culture Dashboard sets out key data points which outline progress against our culture principles.

Access, accessibility and inclusive facilities

Our accessibility and inclusion statement for the Lloyd’s building lists all the accessible features of One Lime Street, which features a prayer room that can be accessed by anyone in the building and has a mix of male, female, gender neutral and accessible toilet facilities.

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Developing an inclusive market

We want Lloyd’s to be a place where everyone feels welcome and can see a future for themselves. Find out how we’re building an inclusive market.

Market engagement

See how we are supporting an inclusive market.

External partners and networks

We partner with market-wide networks and external partners to promote diversity & inclusion within the Lloyd’s market.
Lloyd's colleagues in the Lloyd's building

Diversity & inclusion toolkits and guides

Find toolkits with practical steps of tried and tested policies and practices based on what has worked for others in companies of different sizes and at different stages on their inclusion journey.

Inclusive hiring programme

The programme is aimed at anyone who is about to recruit or be part of an interview process.

Places are open to market participants who are in HR related and recruitment positions who wish to understand some inclusive hiring best practices.