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Visiting the Lloyd’s building

Welcome to the Lloyd’s building

The Lloyd's building in London is the centre of our global operations, housing the marketplace and the majority of Corporation departments.  

Use the information in this section to help plan your visit. 

Accessibility and inclusion

Our Accessibility and Inclusion Guides have been created to ensure colleagues working in the buildings and those visiting are aware of the various accessible and inclusion arrangements we have in place at One Lime Street and Chatham. This includes individuals with hearing, visual and physical impairments.

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The Lloyd’s building

One Lime Street 

Our home

The internationally renowned Lloyd’s building was designed by the architect Richard Rogers and took eight years to build. It was opened by Her Majesty The Queen in 1986. 33,510 cubic meters of concrete, 30,000 square metres of stainless-steel cladding and 12,000 square metres of glass were used during the construction.