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COVID-19: Proposed recovery and resilience solutions from Lloyd’s

The Lloyd’s market is working hard to protect our customers from new risks associated with COVID-19

For individuals, businesses and communities the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been significant and many are now navigating the process of recovery.

To support our customers through this process we’ve asked what they need to help protect them from risks over the short, medium and long term and as a result proposed new solutions and insurance structures in our report, Supporting global recovery and resilience for customers and economies.

We‘re now developing these potential solutions in partnership with the global insurance industry, regulators and governments.

We are also producing content to help our customers manage their return to work, including reducing the threat to their intangible assets, and further topics including how to safeguard employees, protect supply chains and mitigate cyber risk.

The insurance industry response to COVID-19

Lloyd’s is proposing new frameworks and solutions for short, medium and long-term risk needs, as companies seek protection against new waves of COVID-19 and for similar systemic risks.

The importance of protecting intangible assets

Making customer safety a competitive advantage as businesses reopen

Increasing global supply chain resilience

Protecting your supply chain

Reducing the risks of digital transformation

Adapting to digital-first ways of working

Providing flexible coverage in a volatile business environment

Strengthening business resilience to a second wave

Making sure our cities are resilient

The Lloyd’s market is helping cities and businesses plan for future risks like COVID-19, protecting companies and communities more effectively.

More ways Lloyd’s is innovating to create new products

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