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COVID-19: Proposed recovery and resilience solutions from Lloyd’s

The Lloyd’s market is working hard to protect our customers from new risks associated with COVID-19

For individuals, businesses and communities the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been significant and many are now navigating the process of recovery.

To support our customers through this process we’ve asked what they need to help protect them from risks over the short, medium and long term and as a result proposed new solutions and insurance structures in our report, Supporting global recovery and resilience for customers and economies.

We‘re now developing these potential solutions in partnership with the global insurance industry, regulators and governments.

We are also producing content to help our customers manage their return to work, including reducing the threat to their intangible assets, and further topics including how to safeguard employees, protect supply chains and mitigate cyber risk.

The insurance industry response to COVID-19

Lloyd’s is proposing new frameworks and solutions for short, medium and long-term risk needs, as companies seek protection against new waves of COVID-19 and for similar systemic risks.

Report cover

Report: Supporting global recovery and resilience for customers and economies

Lloyd’s recovery and resilience report, highlighting key solutions and how they could work for our customers and partners.
Report cover

Summary: Risk and reassurance – Insurance in a pandemic age

Discover how we plan to keep you prepared, protected and productive, now and in the future.

The importance of protecting intangible assets

Worker in a nuclear plant

Video: Ways to secure your intangible assets

Thomas Hoad (Head of Innovation, Tokio Marine Kiln) explains how to strengthen business resilience by protecting intangible assets, thereby building competitive advantage.
Worker in an aeroplane cockpit

Video: Understand how you can protect your employees

Charles Crawford (Chief Operations Officer, Gallagher Global Broking UK) discusses some of the challenges involved in getting employees physically back to work and how insurers can help.
Network illustration

Report: Preparing for a new reality

Intangible assets like brand and reputation, human capital and intellectual property have been at risk during COVID-19 and remain so in its aftermath. Discover how to mitigate the threat to your intangible assets in this report.
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Report: Safeguarding intellectual property

This Lloyd’s report is the second report of the intangible asset series. It provides a deep dive into the subject of intellectual property identifying the key external and internal risks confronting this asset class.
Report cover

Report: Safeguarding reputation

Are you prepared to protect your reputation?

Making customer safety a competitive advantage as businesses reopen

Lady shopping with a mask on

Video: Inspire consumer confidence during challenging business conditions

Faced with increasing costs of complying with new safety measures and uncertainty over future lockdowns, Grant Foster (Managing Director, Aon Global Risk Consulting) explores how retail businesses can stay open and protect their customers.

Increasing global supply chain resilience

Worker walking through a greenhouse full of plants

Video: COVID-19 is exposing vulnerabilities in the global supply chain

Martin Emkes (Chairman, Gallagher Specialty) explains why companies are trying to build more resilient supply chains and are looking for greater insurance protection to help them do it.
World illustration

Report: Learn more about the hidden potential vulnerabilities in your food supply chain

Even companies not directly impacted by COVID-19 are vulnerable to supply chain issues. This report looks at how companies in the food sector can protect their supply chains, with relevance for many other industries.

Protecting your supply chain

Workers at a ship yard with shipping containers

Video: Building a more resilient and commercially viable supply chain following COVID-19

Whether your business operates locally or globally, your supply chain is likely to have felt the impact of COVID-19. Rebecca Eagles and Oliver Lombard (Senior Brokers Stock and Throughput, Miller Insurance) discuss potential short-term, mid-term and long-term opportunities to increase supply chain resilience for the future.

Reducing the risks of digital transformation

Long exposure of vehicles travelling on a mountain road

Video: Many companies are switching to a more digital way of working in response to COVID-19, which is exposing them to new threats to their business

Companies are increasingly digitising their operations so they can provide for their customers and employees remotely. But, as Jillian Slyfield (Managing Director, Digital Economy Practice Leader, Aon) reveals, acting too quickly can introduce new risks to the business. To help manage the transition, stronger, insurance-based protection may be needed.

Adapting to digital-first ways of working

A worker working from home with a child

Video: Discover how new ways of working can increase your exposure to cyber risk

Companies are working in new ways in response to COVID-19, which is increasing their cyber risk. Mark Brannigan (Vice President, UK Head of Cyber Solutions, Aon) shares the advice businesses are seeking from insurers to reduce their exposure and put better risk prevention strategies in place.
Aerial view of a city at night

Report: Discover more about the cyber risks to your business

Digital innovation is creating new business models, different ways of working and new jobs, but it is also exposing companies to a wide range of cyber risks. This report details the major threats and looks at ways companies can reduce them.

Providing flexible coverage in a volatile business environment

Aerial view of a construction site

Video: Discover how insurers are trying to offer different risk solutions

Companies are being affected by sudden changes outside their control and are looking for more flexible insurance cover that matches their new risk needs. Jonathan Pooley (Senior Broker Accident & Health, Miller Insurance) explains what some of the options are.

Strengthening business resilience to a second wave

A worker using a angle grinder creating sparks

Video: Manage business recovery during further outbreaks of COVID-19

Ian Fantozzi (Chief Operations Officer, Beazley) explores how customers could reduce the risks to their business of subsequent waves of the pandemic.

Making sure our cities are resilient

The Lloyd’s market is helping cities and businesses plan for future risks like COVID-19, protecting companies and communities more effectively.

Blueprint of a city's streets

Report: Discover ways in which insurance can help protect cities from catastrophic events and speed up recovery post disaster

From the economic threat caused by pandemics to the structural risks associated with climate change, cities need new forms of protection. The Lloyd’s market is helping cities and businesses plan for future risks like COVID-19, protecting companies and communities more effectively.

More ways Lloyd’s is innovating to create new products

Interior of the Lloyd's Lab

Lloyd’s Lab

The Lloyd’s Lab is the home of InsurTech at Lloyd’s and is based in our iconic building in Lime Street.
Technology illustration

Lloyd’s Product Launchpad

Lloyd’s underwriters have launched the Lloyd’s Product Launchpad – an initiative designed to speed up (re)insurance product development for today’s new and emerging risks.

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