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COVID-19: Advice to policyholders

Wed 11 Mar 2020

The Lloyd's market is committed to being there when our policyholders need us the most. That means paying all valid claims as quickly as possible.

With the spread of coronavirus causing global concern, Lloyd's has set up a dedicated contact point to provide our policyholders with assistance and to help them find the right person to process a claim.

If you are a Lloyd’s policyholder and you have a question about your insurance policy or need to make a claim relating to the COVID-19 outbreak, the first thing you should do is to contact your insurance broker or the party named on your policy as being responsible for handling claims. They will be the best people in the first instance to help you.

To help you find the right contact at Lloyd’s you can consult the market directory here. However, if you are unsure who to contact then please get in touch with us directly at

The Financial Conduct Authority Business Interruption Test Case Judgment

15 January 2021

Lloyd’s welcomes the further and definitive clarity that the Supreme Court’s judgment brings for many policyholders with certain non-damage business interruption insurance extensions. We will now take the time to carefully consider and respond to the implications of the Supreme Court’s judgment for Lloyd’s customers, as well as its impact on the Lloyd’s market, which retains less than 2% of the overall UK property SME market.