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At this time, it is important that Lloyd’s and managing agents continue to respond to policyholder complaints promptly. All staff within Lloyd’s complaints team are currently working remotely as are a number of managing agents. To allow us all to focus resources on key activities, we have made a number of adjustments to our working practices and regular reporting requirements.

Notification of complaints relating to COVID-19

To allow us to monitor the number of complaints received in relation to COVID-19, when notifying new complaints to Lloyd’s please include details of which complaints relate to COVID-19 on the covering email. For those managing agents using careSmart, please send a separate email to providing this information.

Communication with policyholders

To allow us to communicate effectively with policyholders, please provide an email address when providing copies of responses and case files. 

Responses to policyholders

It is important that policyholders continue to receive a prompt response to their complaints and we will therefore not be extending the stage one response deadline for UK complaints. No changes will be made to the auto escalation of complaints for a stage two review by Lloyd’s.

Responses to Italian policyholders

IVASS have extended the deadline for responding to complaints from 45 days to 75 days. Due to the uncertainty around how long this extension will be in place, we will not be updating our system to reflect this extended deadline. Instead, we will not chase for responses until the 75 days has elapsed and we will factor this in to our quarterly review of performance metrics for Q2 2020. 

Provision of files for stage two review by Lloyd’s

The deadline for the submission of these files will remain at three working days. 

Confirmation of requested action by Lloyd’s final response

We will be extending the timeframe, from two weeks to three weeks, for managing agents to provide confirmation that the actions requested by Lloyd’s have been undertaken.