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Lloyd’s US Accelerate

Introducing Accelerate in the US

In November 2023, Lloyd’s launched Inclusive Futures: a market-wide programme of initiatives to help Black and ethnically diverse individuals participate, progress and prosper from the classroom to the boardroom.

We are excited to announce that as part of this initiative, the successful Accelerate UK programme will now ‘cross-the-pond’ as a US virtual cohort in Q3/4 2024.

This cohort will compromise of delegates from US Lloyd’s and London Market insurance carriers, who will participate in a virtual style cohort resembling the UK content, run by specialist US facilitators to help develop the pipeline of talent in the US, as we have done in the UK for the last 5 years.

Why develop ethnic minority talent

We know that ethnic minority talent is under-represented across the Lloyd’s market, particularly in management and leadership positions. That’s why Lloyd’s is committed to developing ethnic minority talent as part of a wider action plan.

Despite 36.4% of the workforce being made up of individuals from ethnic minority groups, individuals from these groups only hold 16.1% of board seats in Fortune 500 companies in the US. Our Lloyd’s Accelerate programme aims to tackle this by improving the pipeline of future talent, through a modular based development programme.

We have successfully completed six cohorts with the purpose of helping participants to build the skills, relationships and confidence they need to effectively manage their future careers.

  • Accelerate delegates in each cohort have celebrated an improved role, promotion, secondment or role stretch
  • Cohort 1 = 83%, cohort 2 = 70%, cohort 3 = 100%, cohort 4 = 75% & cohort 5 = 78% (54% delegate response rate)
  • 100% of participants agree the programme content will be useful and relevant in their work


cohorts completed in the UK


of delegates in cohorts 1-5 celebrated an improved role


agreed content will be useful and relevant in their work

Why join this programme?


Gain key personal skills development related to key areas of self-reflection, managing career and authentic leadership

Understand and discuss some of the challenges they are facing as future leaders with their peers

Create key networks with other ethnic minority talent from across the Lloyd’s market – as well as with a wider Lloyd’s leadership network post-programme

Gain access to senior sponsors from their own organisation

As a delegate you will attend and/or complete:

  • DISC psychometrics and 1-1 report debrief with a coach
  • Role-model session from senior leader in Lloyd’s market
  • 3 key modules (2 sessions each):
    • Understanding you (self-awareness)
    • Navigating my career
    • Developing your Authentic self
  • 2 Action Learning Sets
  • 1 hour coaching session post-programme

Who is it for?

This programme is aimed at US based ethnic minority talent. Nominees should consistently receive high performance ratings and would be considered suitable candidates or future management or leadership roles.

All applications will be considered on merit and sponsorship with agreement from your HR Business Partner.

Our offering is available to employees of companies that are within the Lloyd’s & London insurance market (Managing Agents / Brokers / Coverholders / Companies such as TPAs which are registered at Lloyd’s).

This includes any organization listed in the marketplace directory, plus any US and Canada based brokers that are not coverholders (who may not be listed in the directory).

Key points to remember when applying:

  • The sponsor must be someone different to the line manager. Recommended to be two levels above the individual and is expected to fully engage in the Sponsor event and future interactions with the delegate
  • Applicants to please block out all session dates in their diary – sessions are not recorded, so attendance is crucial
  • Identify how this programme will help you – read the course session outlines and link your development goals to the course outcomes

How do I apply?

A place on the cohort will be approximately $5,500-$6,000 per participant.

Cohort 8: US virtual cohort launches 7 November 2024 - ending June 2025. 

Application window opens 15 July, deadline 16 September 2024.

Full dates for all virtual sessions available below in the downloadable brochure.

Apply for cohort 8

Application deadline:16 September 2024.

  • Discuss with line manager, HR Department and/or Organisation to register your interest in attending the programme - and confirm your eligibility with them
  • Advise your department head verbally of your intention to apply if they are not your line manager

  • Download and complete application form below
  • Ensure your manager and sponsor fill in required sections
  • Send the completed form to

Lloyd's Accelerate programme brochure

Find out more about the programme by reading our brochure.

Get in touch

If you are interested in participating or want to know more about our US cohort, please reach out to Aaron Boyle.