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Inclusive Futures

In November 2023, Lloyd’s launched Inclusive Futures: a market-wide programme of initiatives to help Black and ethnically diverse individuals participate, progress and prosper from the classroom to the boardroom.

The programme, backed by a coalition of Lloyd’s market firms, has been shaped in consultation with Black experts and diverse colleagues across our market in order to deliver meaningful, sustainable change towards a more inclusive marketplace and society.

It includes important interventions from our hiring and development to our investments and charitable giving, spanning the next decade and beyond, to respond to our historical links to the transatlantic slave trade and the legacy impacts still seen today.

You can explore the full programme using the below tabs.

Supporting education

We’ll build awareness and understanding of slavery and its impacts – while making our institutions more diverse.

Bursaries. Enable hundreds more Black and ethnically diverse students to go through higher education in the UK.

Research. Publish Lloyd’s Collection catalogue and support Black Beyond Data's digital exhibition launch.

Assemblies. Run assemblies in UK secondary schools using Black Beyond Data’s research materials.

Workshops. Deliver workshops in UK communities using Black Beyond Data’s research materials.

Entering the workplace

We’ll help Black and ethnically diverse talent find and access careers in insurance, in support of our one in three hiring ambition.

Early Careers. Create an early careers talent pool with Equity to bring thousands more Black and ethnically diverse individuals into our market.

Charities. Invest in employability charities to help diverse individuals access the workplace.

Ecosystem. Help Black-owned suppliers, syndicates and startups to understand and access the Lloyd’s ecosystem.

Thriving in the workplace

We’ll offer targeted development programmes to help Black and ethnically diverse talent advance in their careers.

Board Level. Create a pool of Board-ready Black and ethnically diverse candidates with recruitment specialists Green Park.

Mentoring & Sponsorship. Create a mentoring and sponsorship programme for hires from the talent pool.

Development. Expand Accelerate programme into US and provide subsidised Master's degree for alumni.

Networks. Increase funding to the Lloyd’s market’s ethnicity networks.

Beyond the workplace

We’ll support growth and close gaps in the global communities most affected by historical slavery.

Impact investments. Invest in funds aligned to UN Sustainable Development Goal of ‘Reducing Inequality’ for regions affected by historical enslavement.

Insurance solutions. Commission research through Lloyd’s Futureset to explore protection gaps and potential risk solutions in regions affected by historical enslavement.

Continuing the conversation

We’ll make our history part of the ongoing story we tell at Lloyd’s, while encouraging accountability and transparency around the progress we make.

Memorial. Establish permanent memorial in the Lloyd’s Building to remember the victims of transatlantic slavery.

Lecture series. Launch the Flint Lectures - an annual series featuring diversity and history experts, named after our first Black broker.

Artistic response. Sponsor a pioneering requiem, composed by David Önaç and commissioned by Culture&, to memorialise enslaved Africans.

Accountability. Expand collection and sharing of diversity data across the market to show the progress we’re making.

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