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Career management

The jobs of today may not exist in the future and we cannot predict what the jobs of tomorrow will be. This means that it is more important than ever that we all maintain our employability by regularly reviewing our progress and plans for our own unique career journeys.

In this workshop delivered over two half day sessions, you’ll begin to frame career goals and develop a career plan that will set the foundation for the future, enabling you to take more control of your career and in doing so achieve more career success and fulfilment.  You will be action planning throughout the programme by reviewing your career journey, developing a career map, investigating the 3E’s (experience, education and exposure) for growth opportunities, preparing for a discussion with your line manager and identifying the network you need to leverage for support.

In a nutshell the career management workshop will:

  • Help you understand your personal and career aspirations and how they align with the strategic needs of the organisation
  • Increase your self-awareness and provide an opportunity to make informed decisions about your future career options, exploring all avenues open to you
  • Promote 'healthy movement' across the organisation
  • Support you in creating a personal brand, articulate your value proposition and stand out from the competition
  • Develop your key career management skills and lifelong learning
  • Future proof your employability

This programme is delivered over two half day sessions with time in between for reflection and activities. Please register for both.

Session 1: Personal Discovery (3.5 hours)

  • Future proofing your career
  • Your career journey, themes and goals
  • Your unique needs, value proposition, untapped potential and development areas
  • Potential broad work environments that meet your needs

Session 2: Career Alignment (3.5 hours)

  • Career Map Review
  • Understanding the strategic needs of the organisations
  • Your alignment and fit
  • Importance of personal branding and marketing your value proposition
  • Building your brand for visibility and success
  • Career maintenance strategies for ongoing career management

Once you have registered to attend the programme you will be sent a link to the RightEverywhere® Career Management portal to complete some pre-work including self-awareness activities, including learning from change, understanding the importance of your values, drivers, key strengths, behaviours and preferences. Each activity leads to a downloadable and printable PDF report which you can review and reflect upon through each phase of the programme enabling you to prepare for career conversations with your line manager.

£150 per participant.

Please direct any questions to Isabel Pratt at