We expect to be able to provide more details by the end of the year. In the meantime please direct any questions to eric.linin@lloyds.com or adam.triggs@lloyds.com




  • What do I need to do?

    Check that you meet the following selection criteria:

    The programme is aimed at leaders from managing agents, brokers, the Lloyd’s Market Association and the Corporation of Lloyd’s. This will usually mean those individuals who are in a substantial leadership role – for example managing a department or function –  or are likely to move into such a role within the next 12 – 18 months and who:

    • Have been identified as high potential within their organisation.
    • Have some experience of leading people - ideally 3-5 years.
    • Have at least 12 months experience in their current post.
    • Would clearly benefit from gaining wider market exposure.
    • Have a clear need to develop the competencies that the programme specifically targets (see the brochure for more details).
    • Have the sponsorship of a Director within their organisation.

    Any questions regarding eligibility should be addressed to Eric Linin in Lloyd’s Talent Development on 0207 327 5478 (eric.linin@lloyds.com).

    If you meet these criteria and are interested in applying for a place on the programme, you should follow the process set out below.

  • The application and selection process

    Initially speak to your line manager to register your interest in attending the programme, and confirm your eligibility with them.

    Step 1
    Click on the ‘apply’ button below (when the application process goes live on 11 September 2017). You will then need to download a form for your line manager to complete regarding your eligibility for the programme. The form should be returned by the completing manager directly to lbs@capita.co.uk. You should also advise your department head verbally of your intention to apply if they are not your line manager.

    Step 2
    You will be asked to complete an online application, upload a CV and a photograph.

    Step 3
    You will be asked to provide details of your sponsor who should be a member of the Executive Team (or equivalent in a market organisation). A request will be sent to the sponsor asking them to confirm their approval of your application.

    Step 4
    London Business School will evaluate the applications and arrange an interview if the application meets the selection criteria.

    Step 5
    Applicants attend a selection interview conducted objectively by London Business School. Individuals will need to make a clear case for their acceptance onto the programme, and in particular their ability to contribute to, and benefit from the programme at a similar level to their fellow delegates.

    Step 6
    Successful and unsuccessful candidates will be advised approximately one week after the final interview. All candidates will receive feedback from the London Business School interviewer.


  • Costs for managing agents or broker firms

    • £10,000 charge per delegate for managing agents and brokers for each delegate.
    • Participating firms will also meet participants hotel accommodation and travel costs during the modules.  It is not mandatory that participants are residential for the programme,  however when participants have chosen to be non-residential, in the past they have generally found less benefit from the programme overall, specifically the networking aspects. 
    • Any additional 1:1 coaching requested over and above that which the programme provides.
  • Apply

    The applications for LBS Programme 2018 are now closed.

Developing Leaders at Lloyd's brochure

Find out more about the actual programme, what it can offer you and how you can apply it to your developing career -

Download the Lloyd's Leadership Programme Brochure

London Business School

The Lloyd's Leadership Programme is run in conjunction with the London Business School (LBS). To find out more, visit the LBS website.