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The Extraordinary Leader Workshop

A strengths-based approach to leadership development

How effective is your leadership? Zenger Folkman research proves that great leaders can be developed, and that the effectiveness of an organization’s leaders has a direct impact on employee productivity and commitment, customer satisfaction, and innovation; all driving profitability. The Extraordinary Leader workshop will provide a roadmap to increase those results. Participants will utilise candid feedback received from The Extraordinary Leader 360-degree Assessment to understand their current level of effectiveness and create their own personal, strengths-based development plan.

Via a series of short virtual interactive workshops participants work through a step-by-step analysis of their confidential 360 assessment feedback report and creation of a leadership development plan. The strengths-based approach provides a framework for helping individuals make profound differences in their organisation's results and in their own leadership effectiveness. Participants will learn about the leadership competencies that differentiate extraordinary leaders and gain an understanding about the significant on-the-job performance differences between 'good' and 'extraordinary' leaders.

Workshop outline

This is a one day facilitator led interactive experience to analyse your 360 feedback

  • Making a difference – The impact of leadership on business results
  • Profound strengths and fatal flaws
  • The 16 differentiating leadership competencies
  • Understanding your feedback
  • Development Planning
  • Building on your strengths
  • Leadership cross-training
  • Peer coaching & building your network

Attend a one hour webinar and complete a confidential 360 assessment. You will be sent an email to attend the webinar following attendance on this you will be sent a link to complete a 360 questionnaire and select your raters.

Each participant will receive:

  • The online Extraordinary Leader multi-rater (360) assessment and personal feedback report
  • The Extraordinary Leader Participant Manual and unique, cross-training development tool, the Competency Companion Development Guide

Follow this link to read more about the research behind this survey.

Follow this link to see the type of report you will receive.

Cohort 10 (virtual)

Launch: March 2nd 2022, 1.30pm - 2.30pm
Workshop 1: March 29th 2022, 9.30am - 12pm
Workshop 2: April 5th 2022, 9.30am - 12.30pm

£550 +VAT per participant

Please direct any questions to Anabel Johnson at

  • The programme made leadership development less nebulous and more engaging as I was able to build my development around my passions and had the data to back up that his was the correct approach
  • The intertwining of 16 proven competencies with my strengths showcased a type of leadership development that is far more clean and assuring
  • The development day and Extraordinary leader system drives better self-awareness, allows one to build around ones passions and is therefore a very satisfying form of career development
  • Game changing insights, good networking and peer coaching and the satisfaction of a personal development plan that is based on good science