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The Extraordinary Leader Workshop

A strengths-based approach to leadership development

How effective is your leadership? Zenger Folkman research proves that great leaders can be developed, and that the effectiveness of an organization’s leaders has a direct impact on employee productivity and commitment, customer satisfaction, and innovation; all driving profitability. The Extraordinary Leader programme will provide participants with an opportunity to increase their results in these areas. Participants will utilise candid feedback received from The Extraordinary Leader 360-degree assessment to understand their current level of effectiveness and create their own personal, strengths-based development plan

This strengths-based approach provides a framework for helping individuals make profound differences in their organisation's results and in their own leadership effectiveness. Participants will learn about the leadership competencies that differentiate extraordinary leaders and gain an understanding about the significant on-the-job performance differences between 'good' and 'extraordinary' leaders.

Extraordinary Leader comprises a multi-rater survey (also known as a 360o survey) and a series of live online workshops. The survey enables participants to understand their current level of leadership effectiveness from the feedback received whilst the workshops lead to the creation of a personal leadership development plan using the specific development tools created by Zenger Folkman to enhance the strengths of participants.

Workshop outline

This interactive programme comprises 3 sessions (ranging from 1hr-3hrs) over a 6-week period and all sessions are integral to the programme. Topics covered include:

  • Making a difference – The impact of leadership on business results
  • Profound strengths and fatal flaws
  • The 19 differentiating leadership competencies
  • Interpreting your feedback
  • Development Planning
  • Building on your strengths
  • Leadership cross-training
  • Peer coaching & building your network

Attendee Criteria

This programme is for learners who:

  • Are from managing agents, brokers, the Lloyd’s Market Association and the Corporation of Lloyd’s.
  • Lead a team or function.
  • Have a minimum of 6 months in role.


Each participant will receive:

  • The online Extraordinary Leader multi-rater (360o) assessment survey portal
  • A personal feedback report
  • The Extraordinary Leader Participant Manual, including the unique, cross-training development tool, the Competency Companion Development Guide

You can read about Zenger Folkman’s research that is the cornerstone to the Extraordinary Leader survey and development materials below.


£550 +VAT per participant


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