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The Extraordinary Leader Workshop

Great leadership starts with strengths and extraordinary leaders can have a significant impact on the success of an organisation.

Are you, or would you like to become, an Extraordinary Leader and positively impact your business results, your employee’s engagement and commitment, and improve client satisfaction?

Grounded in research, the Extraordinary Leader 360 Assessment and Development programme utilises globally validated questions to measure effectiveness in the skills that differentiate highly effective leaders. Participants will learn about the leadership competencies that differentiate extraordinary leaders and create a personal leadership development plan to move to being extraordinary.

The research shows that the greatest increases in business outcomes don’t happen when focusing on weaknesses but rather by building up strengths. This strengths-based approach enables you to identify development areas that are important for your organisation, that you already have strength in and that you are motivated to develop further. 

Extraordinary Leader comprises a multi-rater survey (also known as a 360o survey) and a series of live online workshops. The survey enables participants to understand their current level of leadership effectiveness from the feedback (presented in a personal feedback report), whilst the workshops lead to the creation of your personal leadership development plan using the specific development tools created by Zenger Folkman.

In addition to the workshops, each participant will receive a short coaching session with the facilitator and will be able to assess their development progress through a Pulse Survey approximately 6 months after the initial feedback process.

Workshop outline

This 6-week programme comprises 3 interactive sessions (ranging from 1 hr-3hrs) all of which are essential as they build on the content of the previous session. Topics covered include:

  • Making a difference – The impact of leadership on business results
  • Profound strengths and fatal flaws
  • The 19 differentiating leadership competencies
  • Interpreting your feedback
  • Building on your strengths
  • Leadership cross-training
  • Peer coaching & building your network

Attendee Criteria

This programme is for individuals who:

  • Lead a team or function lead a team or function, ideally with a minimum of 3 direct or indirect reports to ensure minimum number of respondents to survey can be met
  • Have been in current role for a minimum of 6 months and with current organisation for 12 months
  • Are employees of the Corporation or a market organisation


Each participant will receive:

  • Access to the online multi-rater feedback survey portal
  • A personal feedback report
  • The Extraordinary Leader Participant Manual, including the Strengths Builder development guide
  • Pulse Check survey and supporting material

You can read about Zenger Folkman’s research that is the cornerstone to the Extraordinary Leader survey and development materials below.


£550 +VAT per participant

How to apply

We will be running 4 cohorts in 2024. 

If you are interested in attending or have questions, please contact