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Lloyd’s Leadership programme

Exploring leading in the digital age

There is one factor that is consistent and predictable in its impact on the success of every business. It is the quality of leadership within the organisation. 

The Lloyd’s Leadership programme, run in partnership with Henley Business School, is aimed at leaders from managing agents, brokers, the Lloyd’s Market Association and the Corporation of Lloyd’s moving into or towards a substantial leadership role. It explores leading in the digital age in a manner that attracts engages and retains top talent.

  • Insights into leadership: Understanding leadership and one’s personal approach
  • Leadership in context: Creating a culture of experimentation and innovation
  • Democratic leadership in action: Bringing all the themes of the programme together. Working in partnership with The Philharmonic Orchestra participants experience what high performance is and how to achieve this via inspiring leadership that engages and motivates others to deliver outstanding results

The programme is based on well researched and practical ideas about leadership presented in multiple formats so that all learning styles are served. Formal presentations are few and reserved for setting out key arguments that form the building blocks of 21st century leadership. The vast majority of the programme is highly interactive and experiential. 

The three modules of the programme are described below.

Module 1 – This module examines the nature of leadership and participants explore their own leadership strengths and limitations. As a result they better understand what modern leadership entails, identify their style and uncover what drives some of their behaviours and decisions. 

Module 2 - This module is all about how we, as leaders, create the conditions for innovation to thrive in our organisations. Participants learn how to lead to build and maintain a culture of innovation and creativity in the teams they lead, and are introduced to tools used to generate creativity and ideas. 

Module 3 - Delivered in partnership with Moving Performance, this highly experiential module provides the opportunity to work with world-class musicians to explore the metaphors of what underpins truly high-performing teams and engaging leadership. Participants receive detailed feedback leading to deep personal insight and clear actions for the next steps on their leadership journey.

£7500 +VAT

11th May 2022 9:00 – 10:30 (virtual format)
Module 1:
25-27 May 2022 Greenlands, Henley (residential)
Module 2:
25-27 July 2022 Greenlands, Henley (residential)
Module 3:
25-27 October 2022 TBC - likely to be Kensington London (staying overnight optional)

Step 1: Discuss with your line manager, HR Department and/or Organisation to register your interest in attending the programme - and confirm your eligibility with them.

Step 2: Download and complete the application form. Applications and will close on 30/04/2022. Send the completed form to (your line manager or sponsor is required to complete section 3 of the application form prior to sending). Advise your department head verbally of your intention to apply if they are not your line manager. You will be asked to provide details of your sponsor who should be a member of the Executive Team (or equivalent in a market organisation).

Step 3:
Henley Business School will review the applications; all candidates will be advised of the outcome by 09/05/22. Those applicants that wish to receive feedback about their application will have the opportunity of a call with a member of the programme team at Henley Business School.

Please direct any questions to Anabel Johnson at


This programme gives you time to reflect and network with other participants from across the market. Each module has a different feel to appeal to a broad range of styles and interests. This video provides an overview of the experience.

Henley Business School

The Lloyd's Leadership programme is run in conjunction with Henley Business School. 

To find out more, visit the Henley Website.