In today’s workplace we are exposed to constant change. As a result, we find ourselves in new situations, with new problems, dealing with the pressures that these events can bring. Coaching can help increase self-awareness, promote greater understanding of the situations faced and generate appropriate responses and solutions to challenges. In this way it helps us identify and remove barriers to performance and improve our overall wellbeing. Unlike a development workshop, coaching can be tailored specifically to the needs of the individual to enable them to reach the best result possible. Organisationally therefore, coaching can be a very sound investment, in that it can get directly to the point of individual development where a development workshop cannot – and takes significantly less time out of the day.


The personal benefits of coaching are as wide-ranging as the individuals involved. Most people who have engaged in coaching with a professional coach find that it positively impacts their lives both inside and outside of work. The ability to speak confidentially with a trusted advisor out of the individual’s line, with no direct influence over their career can be extremely liberating for a leader.


Coaching provides an invaluable space for personal development. In a coaching partnership, a skilled coach enables the individual to discover their own solutions to problems. The coach does not need experience of the individual’s area of expertise to coach effectively. It is the skilful use of questioning, listening, and observation that enables the solutions to be uncovered.


An external coach can be particularly beneficial for:


  • New leaders in role to help develop strategic thinking and quickly master a new brief

  • Dealing with a particularly challenging project or piece of work

  • Achieving breakthrough thinking and/or act as a sounding board

  • Preparing for a complex or high-profile presentation

  • Developing new skills and/or enhancing current skills

  • High potential staff to enable them to achieve peak performance in their role

Lloyd’s has partnered with Sheridan Resolutions Ltd to provide access to a community of highly qualified and diverse external coaches who have a wide range of commercial experience across many fields including insurance. Coaching programmes are designed specifically for the individual and usually take place over a period of 3-6 months depending on the need.


Sheridan Resolutions Ltd, was selected because it offers Lloyd’s and the industry:


  • One point of contact for all coaching assignments

  • Access to an on-line global faculty of expert hand-picked coaches and facilitators

  • Quality assurance via coach qualification and supervision checks

  • Personalised matching and themed reporting

  • A range of coaching methodologies

  • Cutting edge support materials: tool-kits and resources for sponsors, mentors, and coachees

  • An exceptional track record in responsive relationship management and follow up

  • Accredited with awards and citations including Market People Award for HR and L&D Supplier of the Year

  • Coach training for leaders and managers to support a shift to coaching mind-set