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Client conversation starters

Here are some handy one pagers and presentations to share with your clients, containing exclusive insights and in-depth findings on the latest developments in systemic risk.

Greener industry – construction and finance
With a unique view of the climate crisis, the global insurance industry has a critical role to play in supporting clients’ transition to a low carbon economy. The construction and finance sectors have undoubtedly contributed towards the increase in global carbon emissions, however they also both possess powerful tools to limit the impacts of climate change. This short summary explores how the (re)insurance industry can help your clients unlock opportunities when operating more sustainably while navigating the ever-changing risk landscape.
Download: [PDF] Greener industry – construction and finance

Greener transport – aviation, maritime and electric vehicles
The insurance industry stands ready to support clients as they drive towards more sustainable transport operations. This summary delves into what clients should be thinking about as they review the green credentials of their business’ transport usage.
Download: [PDF] Greener transport – aviation, maritime and electric vehicles

When was the last time you asked your clients to consider what their business reputation really is? Start the conversation after reading this quick summary of the Safeguarding Reputation report. It contains:
  • Statistics to show why business reputation is important
  • Real life examples of reputation management (good and bad)
  • Insurance solutions available to manage reputation risk
  • Best practice for managing reputation risk

Download: [PDF] ‘Corporate Reputation Risk’

From migration to the retreat from globalism and the rise of social discontent, geopolitics has the potential to impact every other risk facing the businesses of each of your clients. Help them to better analyse and prepare for the impacts of geopolitical risk with this short summary of the takeaways from the report. It outlines the key findings; provides a checklist of the top ten mitigating actions to use in their businesses; and includes a table to use as a guide when choosing the right type of insurance coverage.
Download: [PDF] ‘Shifting powers: Meeting the challenges of the geopolitical landscape’

Lloyd’s research

Our reports explore the latest thinking on emerging risks and the implications for insurance.