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Safeguarding human capital

Intangible assets report series

Human capital

An organisation’s human capital – its people – is possibly its greatest asset. They drive value by producing goods, services, and ideas. Hence, protecting and enhancing the value of a company’s human capital is extremely important for any company. 

Covid-19 has changed the dynamics of work for everyone, whether key workers on the front lines or office workers now working from home.  A recent survey from UK mental health charity Mind has shown that these conditions are having a significant impact on employees’ mental health, with more than 60% saying it has gotten worse during the UK lockdowns.

To help companies mitigate these risks there are multiple existing insurance solutions available in the market, and product development in this space is ongoing.

With the breadth of expertise offered in the world’s largest insurance market, Lloyd’s is well placed to help companies protect their most important asset: their people.

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Safeguarding human capital

11 May 2021

We look at eight management levers that can increase or decrease the value of an organisations human capital and three potential risks of not using these levers correctly:

  • Employees leaving, taking with them their tacit knowledge and their networks.
  • Wellbeing and health, as drops in either can lead to poor moral and prevent employees from fulfilling their role.
  • Poor performance and business interruption if employees are not trained or upskilled sufficiently.