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Product insights and case studies

The Lloyd’s market has been at the forefront of its industry for more than 300 years, pioneering new forms of protection for a rapidly changing world. We cover more than 60 lines of insurance and reinsurance. 

Here you will find insights and case studies on some of the more unique products we offer, to demonstrate to clients that we understand their peculiar needs and offer bespoke insurance products to protect them. 

Our handy guide to cyber insurance has been designed to be shared with your clients. It showcases the market’s cyber offering and makes it clear to clients what are the best possible ways to protect their business and respond to these growing challenges

Download: [PDF] Cyber risk, cyber secure

Watch: [video] Cyber risk

The space industry
Lloyd's wrote its first satellite policy in 1965. Now, as companies and governments develop increasingly ambitious plans for space, understanding the risks involved in space insurance has never been more important. This buyer’s guide can be shared with your clients to help them understand these risks.

Download: [PDF] The space industry
Watch: [video] The space industry

The sharing economy
The sharing economy's explosive growth is now part of modern society. This buyer's guide sets out what types of sharing economy risks the Lloyd's market covers and helps your clients understand what to be aware of when buying sharing economy insurance.

Download: [PDF] The sharing economy


Low-cost structural survey tool for insurers
Learn how the Lloyd’s Lab helped Sille Space launch their innovative low-cost structural survey tool for insurers around the globe. The detailed and vital structural data they provide helps insurers make decisions faster – reducing costs, increasing loss prevention, and forming stronger client relationships.

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Cloud downtime business interruption cover
Thanks to the Lloyd’s Lab, Parametrix has been able to finalise their actuarial analysis tool, create a viable SME business interruption product and secure the capacity to back it

Read about: Parametrix cloud downtime cover, part of the Lloyd’s Lab