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Our past and present

Lloyd’s overview presentation

This overview presentation can be used to help educate your clients on the Lloyd’s market. 

It looks at Lloyd’s today, our history and our future and surfaces the unique characteristics and strengths that makes Lloyd’s the world largest specialist insurance and reinsurance market.  

Pocket guide to Lloyd’s

Read about the Lloyd’s market, history and building in our Pocket Guide; our market, our past, our home. 

How the market works

Find out how Lloyd’s specialist underwriters, brokers and the corporation of Lloyd's come together under one globally trusted name to protect your interests, promote economic growth and share risk to create a braver world. 

Who’s who

If you're new to the Lloyd’s market or looking to share information with your clients, our 'who's who' of stakeholders at Lloyd’s will help provide clarity to the distribution chain.

Insuring the Titanic

The 11 January placement slip from 1912 for the Titanic and her sister ship Olympic offers great insight into how the market works, how insurance slips are placed at Lloyd’s and how the centuries-old terms ‘underwriter’ was coined.