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Frequently asked questions

Some of the more common questions asked by Change Leads

What is the scope of the DA Programme?

The DA Programme is led and sponsored by Lloyd’s Delegated Authority experts who are also accountable for development of the Lloyd’s DA Code of Practice, Byelaws and Minimum Standards. These will be developed alongside the DA Programme to ensure ways of working complement system improvements and Lloyd’s frameworks.

The DA Programme is initially focused on delivering technology and data changes to enable Lloyd’s and the market to manage Delegated Authorities in a more streamlined, efficient and cost effective way, while simultaneously improving customer experience. Technology and data changes will have implications for organisations’ processes and ways of working, as adaptations will be required for firms to operate as efficiently as possible with the new systems.

What are the cost implications of the system changes for Managing Agents?

There will be no additional costs for 2021; all existing costs will be held at current levels. This is following a Lloyd’s Council decision, whereby it was decided that all costs relating to Delegated Contract and Oversight Manger will be covered by the Future at Lloyd’s Programme. Any Future at Lloyd’s related funding is factored into Lloyd’s levy for Managing Agents. For more information, please see Lloyd’s market bulletin here outlining the charges applicable to Lloyd’s members for 2021.

When will Delegated Contract Manager release one go-live?

We are now able to confirm the launch and cut-over dates for DCOM as follows:
Monday 21 June: DCOM will be open for market firms’ devolved administrators to set up users in their organisations. This should allow sufficient time to complete onboarding activities up until Friday 9 July.
Friday 16 July: The BAR freeze period begins, one week ahead of cut-over.
Monday 26 July: DCOM live date for the registration of new binding authority agreements, renewals and endorsements. By this date all historic data from BAR will be migrated and available on DCOM.

How should we manage communications within our organisations, so our people understand the implications of the planned changes?

We urge all DA Change Leads to secure the sponsorship of their COO (or relevant senior leader) to ensure they receive guidance and challenge on what conversations should be happening right now. We will be providing guidance in the DA business readiness support sessions and future releases of the business readiness toolkit on how to effectively communicate DA changes internally. This will include re-usable messaging and example plans that you can easily adapt and implement within your organisations to ensure your people have a good understanding of the planned system changes

How many Change Leads are DA Managers?

The majority (approximately 95%) of nominated Change Leads are DA Managers/SMEs or sit in operational roles. A small number of organisations have opted to have their DA Change Lead supported by a secondary Change Lead who is a Project Manager or Business Analyst. As far as possible, Lloyd’s recommends DA Change Leads are supported by assigned project and change managers.

How frequent are the business readiness support sessions?

The business readiness support sessions will (initially) be run every 3 weeks to support and guide Change Leads through the planned changes. 

Will access to Delegated Contract and Oversight Manager be in a similar way to BAR?

The way users will access Delegated Contract and Oversight Manager in the future is being looked at by Lloyd’s development teams. Our intention is to make the login process as seamless as possible through on online portal. It will not be the same as logging into BAR today, but we understand that the ‘sign in’ experience is important, and we are working on what this will look like.

Can firms use their own Contract Builder systems, from release one go-live?

Yes, market firms will be able to use their own Contract Builder systems as Lloyd’s has not mandated this. However, for release one firms will need to manually enter the data from their own Contract Builder system into Delegated Contract Manager as it will not be until release two that Lloyd’s will introduce an API (integration).

Is there a reporting function from Delegated Contract and Oversight Manager?

Yes, but we are yet to define the reporting out of PEGA (the Delegated Contract and Oversight Manager platform). We have an initial view of the reporting requirements, based on feedback shared by DCOM market panel members and the associations. The reporting capabilities are likely to be delivered in release two.

Can roles be re-assigned once the registration process has commenced? 

If the registration process has already been initiated, you would need to re-start the workflow again to replace the contract creator. 

How can we push tasks to different parties through the workflow to ensure that the individuals are actioning tasks? 

PEGA (the platform Delegated Contract and Oversight Manager sits on), will control all workflows and push tasks to roles defined in the system.

Will the use of the slip generated become mandatory?

No, but we think that the benefits of using the slip speak for themselves and that the market will want to use it.

How do we add clauses? 

Manually. This is how you would add clauses to a word document currently – release two will be where its connected with LWR.

Will there be the option to create lineslips as a separate template?

Not for release one, but bulking lineslips are in scope for release two currently.

Can non-Lloyd's markets be added? 

Yes, non-Lloyd’s markets can be added. However, they will not have access to the platform yet, but you can add them as capacity providers and send them the slip offline.

Will endorsements and cancellations processed in Delegated Contract and Oversight Manager be automatically aligned in Delegated Data Manager?

Yes, Delegated Contract and Oversight Manager will feed endorsements through to Delegated Data Manager (including any cancellations or changes). 

What training will Lloyd’s provide?

Lloyd’s will offer a blend of self-service learning (e.g. video tutorials and user guides) and virtual instructor-led training to cater for all preferences. Training resources will be accessed via Lloyd’s new Service Now Knowledge Base prior to go-live.

When will training for release one take place?

Devolved admin training has taken place from 17 May – 11 June.
Pre-go live training will take place from 7 June – until go live.
Post go live training will continue as long as there is market demand.

If you would like to register for training, please email

How long will training drop-in sessions run for?

Drop-in sessions will continue post go-live of Delegated Contract Manager and be available for as long as there is a market need for them. We expect drop-in sessions to continue into 2022 as we roll out release two of Delegated Contract Manager.

Will the post go-live training tools and resources be available on 

Video tutorials and user guides will be made available on Lloyd’s new Service Now Knowledge Base.

Will the training sessions be broken into manageable lengths? 

Yes, both the instructor-led training sessions and the self-service learning (video tutorials) will be broken down by ‘modules’, specific activities e.g. contract registration. We understand that for training to be effective, it must be delivered in bitesize chunks that can be digestible in users own time.

What is the expected training time commitment?

Instructor-led devolved admin training: 1.5 hrs 

Instructor-led end user training: 2.5 hrs

Market participants will be able to access additional training materials (e.g. knowledge articles and video tutorials) via the Market Support Centre. 

How will Lloyd's ensure DA users are at an adequate level to use the system? 

We will be working with the Change Leads to identify ‘key users’ of the system and ensure they are given robust training. This will include giving them access to a ‘sandpit’ environment, where they can familiarise themselves with the functionality. Training materials and ‘drop-in clinics’ will also be available for all users, to ensure they are confident using the system.

Will there be a support email / phone to assist with queries? 

The Market Support Centre will be the primary means for market participants to request support (i.e. through raising a service request) and access knowledge articles about the DCOM system. 
To access the Market Support Centre, please click here.

Please note: In order to access these training materials via the Market Support Centre, you will need to use Identity. Your access will depend on a few factors such as your organisation and whether you have already created an account. Therefore, different users will have slightly different experiences. Please see this user guide for further details on accessing the Market Support Centre portal.

Will training include an accreditation element?

Yes, for those users prioritised for instructor-led training (before go-live), we are considering a form of assessment so that we can test the effectiveness of training. We would welcome your ideas for what this accreditation could look like. Please email your suggestions to

What does onboarding involve?

From a Change Lead perspective, we will be seeking your support with insuring that the right person is able to confirm and submit relevant company information, to enable your organisation to be correctly set-up on the new system. Onboarding will involve signing an end-user license agreement to use Delegated Contract Manager and submitting a list of devolved administrators, who will manage end-user permissions. We will require your help to communicate important onboarding messages and share the location of training resources.

Who will perform the data migration reconciliation?

Lloyd’s will migrate all contract data from BAR to Delegated Contract Manager.

What workaround has been decided upon for the gap period between BAR being migrated and the go-live of Delegated Contract Manager?

The BAR freeze period begins on Friday 16th July (one week ahead of cut-over) at which point data migration activities from BAR to DCOM will commence and run up until Friday 23rd July.

Read-only BAR access will be provided to the market for 30 days after go-live. After this period, all BAR data will be archived and can be accessed via a service request through the Market Support Centre.   

Is there a cut-off date when BAR can no longer be accessed, or will it be staggered? 

Yes, at an agreed point we will be shutting down BAR and migrating all data to Delegated Contract Manager. We cannot have the two systems running at the same time as this will require multiple migrations.

What are the roles and responsibilities of Coverholders, Brokers and Managing Agents when using Delegated Data Manager in the future?

All roles will be set in Delegated Contract Manager and therefore in the binder. We feel that conversations should be taking place during the negotiation stage to ensure this is put in place correctly. For premium/claims, we are stating that it should be the partner responsible for submitting to DXC that is responsible for loading into Delegated Data Manager, which in most cases is the Broker. Risk data can be submitted via a ‘trusted source’ if the Managing Agent prefers this approach. However, we want to add some level of flexibility for circumstances such as 100% Managing Agent contract and Coverholders, who may want to directly load. These roles can be determined in the contract creation within Delegated Contract Manager. The LMA and LIIBA are supportive of these principles and are involved in developing a process map to make this much clearer in the coming weeks.

Is there a date when we are required to add bulking lineslips to Delegated Data Manager? 

There is currently no requirement for bulking lineslips to be submitted to Delegated Data Manager (as part of the Conditions of Trade) because these are not yet registered on Delegated Contract Manager. However bulking lineslips for EEA business have been mandated from 1st January 2021 by Lloyd’s Brussels. 

What is the mandate?

Lloyd’s is introducing the Conditions of Trade (formerly DA SATS mandate) to bring rigour and consistency to the Coverholder Reporting process and ensure that this is the responsibility of the whole market. The Conditions of Trade are based on five key principles, which are outlined in market bulletin Y5311 here.

What is the go-live date for the Conditions of Trade? 

Currently, the provisional go-live date for the Conditions of Trade is the 31st July 2021. But this is dependent on the pre-requisites being met. We are also awaiting feedback from LIIBA on the Broker pre-requisites, which will likely have an impact on the date (depending on what those pre-requisites are and if this requires any further work).

Do the Conditions of Trade only apply when a binder is renewed?

The Conditions of Trade will apply to binders incepted from the day it goes live.

What integration will be available from Delegated Data Manager to firms’ internal systems? 

There is currently a proof of concept underway involving Bindercloud, VIPR and Watertace, looking at the transmission of data between market systems and Delegated Data Manager. Once this is completed a full integration plan will be put in place. To input risk data into Delegated Data Manager from a market system, a company will need to become a ‘Trusted Source’. 

What do I need to ask my IT team to prepare to integrate Delegated Contract and Data Manager? 

This will be an internal integration between Lloyd’s systems so your contract data will automatically flow from Delegated Contract Manager into Delegated Data Manager, with no impact on your own IT teams. Further information on this integration will be available in the coming months.

How does Delegated Contract Manager integrate with Delegated Data Manager? 

Delegated Contract Manager will integrate directly with Delegated Data Manager. Contract data will be fed live through APIs from Delegated Contract Manager downstream to Delegated Data Manager. By setting up the contract in Delegated Contract Manager, there is very little information you will need to add in Delegated Data Manager as a result, minimising the administration effort and time for users.

What is an API? 

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a way to allow for systems to agree on how they talk to each other and how they send information to each other. The APIs we are currently working on are a transformational change across Delegated Authority, so we will be sending through highly validated and defined data so that everyone will be speaking in exactly the same language when it comes to Delegated Authority data. 

What sort of APIs will be created?

A standard (open source) API solution is being created for firms to utilise.

When will data from Delegated Contract Manager be viewable in Delegated Data Manager? 

Data from Delegated Contract Manager will feed directly into Delegated Data Manager from release one (of Delegated Contract Manager) go live.