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Delegated Data Manager

Find out more information on the changes and how to prepare your organisation

Delegated Data Manager Onboarding Approach

Delegated Data Manager is live and is mandatory for all DA business conducted through Lloyd’s Brussels. To date, 100% of Managing Agents, 80% of Brokers and 20% of Coverholders and Delegated Claims Authorities are already onboarded. The focus is now to onboard the remaining market participants and ensure full adoption for those already ‘onboarded’. BAU onboarding support is provided by LIMOSS / Charles Taylor InsureTech.
Process – The Delegated Data Manager onboarding process was temporary created for go–live and the intention is to replace it with a more automated and integrated solution being developed for Delegated Contract Manager and Oversight Manager.

To register for access to the system, please visit:

Delegated Data Manager

  • Training: The Delegated Data Manager project team are in the process of collating market feedback, which will be used to develop a training needs analysis. From this, a training strategy and plan will be designed with the support of market input to ensure market firms and users are fully prepared to adopt and use the Delegated Data Manager platform effectively. Training dates and scope will be communicated in a later release of this toolkit.
  • User Guidance: Alongside developing a new training plan, work is ongoing to develop User Guidance solutions, such as Standard Operating Procedures. These are being produced in collaboration with the market to address data quality issues and provide support to users when interacting with the system.
  • Process
    • A working group with Market representation was established following discussions with the Market User Group. Currently, we have five market members on this group alongside representatives from Lloyd’s, LIMOSS and CTI with the aim of producing and validating user guidance solutions.
    • Solutions are being tested using a separate group currently made up of seven market end–users. Once solutions are tested and adapted accordingly, they will be passed back to the Market User Group and Steering Group for sign off before distribution to market firms.
    • We are always looking for further input either at the Working Group or testing so please reach out to

Systems integrations under development for Delegated Data Manager:

1. Integration with Market Bordereaux Processing Systems:

  • A proof of concept is under development to test the transmission of risk, premium and claims Coverholder reporting data between Delegated Data Manager and the market’s three most popular bordereaux processing systems (Bindercloud, VIPR, Watertrace). Once this work is complete, further information will be included in this toolkit.

2. Integration with Delegated Contract Manager:

  • This integration will enable the transmission of contract data between Delegated Contract Manager and Delegated Data Manager to reduce the effort involved in setting up contracts within Delegated Data Manager.

Requirements definition has now been completed. Integration development has started, with focus on first supporting transfer of data for New Contracts.