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Delegated Authority

All the resources and tools you need to adopt Lloyd’s delegated authority systems

This section contains useful materials developed by Lloyd’s Change Team to support Managing Agent, Broker and Coverholder Change Leads in driving adoption of delegated authority system changes within their organisations. It has been designed to ensure that Change Leads and supporting teams are equipped with the necessary guidance to ensure market firms are ready to adopt planned changes to Lloyd’s delegated authority systems and processes in 2021.

DCOM Release 1 Business Readiness Checklist

March 26 2021


DA Change Lead: Confirm Registrant contact details and Admin Domain name(s) for each legal entity requiring access to DCOM

Start date: 09/03/2021 | Due Date: 26/03/2021

April 12 2021


DA Change Lead: Cascade ‘Minimum IT Requirements’ slide to IT Department

Start date: 06/04/2021 | Due date: 12/04/21

April 2021


DA Change Lead: Access control approach signed-off/documented by all relevant internal teams (e.g. Heads of DA, legal/compliance)

Start date: 16/03/21 | Due date: 30/04/21

April 2021


Registrant: Complete Onboarding Registration form for each admin domain within your organisation (to confirm Legal Signatory, Authorised Contact and Devolved Admins)

Start date: 15/04/21 | Due date: 30/04/21

May 14 2021


Devolved Admins: Book slot for Devolved Admin training

Start date: 19/04/21 | Due date: 14/05/21

May 15 2021


DA Change Lead: User permissions are clearly documented ahead of Devolved Admins attending training

Start date: 16/03/21 | Due date: 15/05/21

May 31 2021


Legal Signatory: Sign Market User Agreement

Start date: 03/05/21 | Due date: 31/05/21

Delegated Authority Programme Updates

23 March 2021 Update on Delegated Contract and Oversight Manager launch – get ready

On 23 March we announced our plans to roll out the contract management aspect of DCOM to the market at the end of June 2021. Read on to find out Lloyd’s approach for onboarding and training market firms.

04 March 2021 Update on the Conditions of Trade

Lloyd’s announces it will no longer be requiring all market firms to submit delegated authority data on Delegated Data Manager from H2 2021. Find out about the phased approach to adoption that we will be implementing and how you can get involved.

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