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Click here to view the Delegated Contract and Oversight Manager critical path, which outlines the key activities involving or impact the market.

Lloyd’s will offer Brokers, Managing Agents and ‘direct deal’ Coverholders a blend of self-service learning (e.g. video tutorials and quick reference guides) and virtual instructor-led training to cater for all user preferences.

Devolved Administrator instructor-led training will be provided pre-go live to allow organisations to set up accounts and allocate permissions for their end-users.

Devolved Administrator training

Virtual instructor-led training for Devolved Administrators will be delivered in the form of system demos and Q&A.

Training will focus on setting up organisations access controls and end-user permissions configuration, which will be the responsibility of organisation’s Devolved Administrators.

Instructor-led end-user training

Virtual training will be available pre and post go-live to end-users; it will consist of system demos and Q&A.

Lloyd’s recommends that Brokers, ‘direct deal’ Managing Agents and Coverholders that have imminent July renewals attend pre-go live training. Sufficient training sessions will be made available to meet market demand.

Post-go live training will be available to all other end-users and will continue for several months after Release 1 go-live (as required). Users can still register for a dedicated training session post-go live.

Self-service learning can also be accessed from go-live, via Lloyd’s new ServiceNow Knowledge Base and will consist of:

  • Video tutorials – Bitesize video clips showing key system workflows (e.g. contract creation, endorsements, access controls and permissions configuration).
  • Quick-reference articles – Short articles outlining important system features and workflows (e.g. binder registration).

Optional ‘drop-in’ training clinics will be hosted by Lloyd’s to support with user queries. These are expected to continue into 2022 as we roll out future releases of Delegated Contract Manager.

Action for Change Leads:

Confirm all end-users and Devolved Administrators requiring live instructor-led training for release one, by completing the registration form here (submitting responses to by 18 February).

For general enquiries about Delegated Contract and Oversight Manager Release 1 training, please contact Lloyd’s training team via

Action for Change Leads:

Please ensure that your BAR records have the correct status prior to migration, otherwise records may be assigned the wrong status when migrated to Delegated Contract and Oversight Manager. For example, if a contract dated 30/12/2019 had been incepted and expired but for some reason the status was still “Draft” instead of “Registered”, the migration rules would migrate this contract to “Not Taken Up” whereas it should have been migrated to the status “Expired”. Contracts Dated Prior to 31st December 2019
  • Any contract currently in BAR with a status of ‘Draft’ and dated prior to 31/12/19 as per the BAR reference will be migrated and reclassified as ‘Not Taken Up.'
  • If a contract has incepted but is has the status of “Draft” on BAR prior to 31/12/19, this status will need to be changed to “Registered” (which may require some fields on BAR to be completed) for this to be reflected on Delegated Contract and Oversight Manager post-migration."
  • Any contracts with the status “Registered” in BAR will be migrated as “Active” if the expiration date has not already passed, or will be migrated as “Expired” if the expiration date has passed.
Contracts Dated 1st January 2020 onwards
  • ‘Draft’ contracts currently in BAR dated 01/01/20 onwards will be migrated to the status of ‘Draft - sitting with contract creator for completion.'

Migrated Contracts – Endorsements

In the new Delegated Contract Manager, any edits made to migrated contracts (e.g. changing existing data or adding missing data) will need to be made as an endorsement. Any system change to contracts will now be a type of endorsement. In the new system, there will be two types of endorsement:

  1. Legally binding e.g. adding/removing a class of business
  2. System change e.g. filling in Coverholder commissions

Delegated Contract Manager and Oversight Manager

There are two market-facing API’s planned for availability from ‘Release 2’:

1. Contract data API

  • Will enable consumption of contract data from Delegated Contract and Oversight Manager for updating market firm systems.
  • Will enable submission of contract data from market systems for contract registration.
  • Will enable submission of contract updates to Delegated Contract and Oversight Manager for contracts managed in market firm’s own systems.

2. Organisation API

  • Will enable read-only consumption of organization data for Coverholders and DCAs from Delegated Oversight Manager for updating market firm systems.
  • Access to data will match access available via user interface.

N.B. Market firms looking to integrate their own systems with Delegated Contract, Oversight or Data Manager should consult with their vendors on the details.

Timelines for Delegated Contract and Oversight Manager

  • In October 2020, Lloyd’s will establish the ‘API Design Programme’ (previously known as the ‘Early Adopters Programme’), comprised of Brokers and Managing Agents, to support requirements definition, provide feedback on API specifications and support technical development.


  • If market firms are not participating in the ‘API Design Programme’, the system integration activities recommended in 2021 are to determine integration ambitions, then secure funding and resourcing for system integration development in 2022.

API Design Programme for Delegated Contract & Oversight Manager

Firms participating in the 'API Design Programme' will be involved in every phase of API development.

The ‘programme’ is starting in early October 2020 and will run through to Release 2, and will include the following sequence of activities:

  1. Requirements Definition – The project team will facilitate workshops with participants to understand firms’ needs for consuming data and submitting data and use this to define API requirements.

  2. Design Specification – Once requirements have been defined, participants will be engaged in providing feedback on API specifications. These API specifications will provide an understanding of planned functionality for the APIs and the expected results. Initial API specifications that detail scope, functionality and technical standards will be available in Q1 2021.

  3. API Build – Once API specifications have been developed, the project team will commence the build phase, working with API Design Programme participants to solicit feedback and leverage their expertise to validate development.
  4. Testing – Ahead of live API availability, APIs will be tested and validated in partnership with API Design Programme participants to identify and resolve technical issues.
  5. Market Availability – Live API availability, full specifications documentation, developer access process, and availability of API testing endpoint.
  6. Criteria for Participating in Delegated Contract and Oversight Manager API Design Programme

    1.Your organisation plans to achieve integration between its internal systems and Delegated Contract Manager.

    2.Your organisation already has or is currently developing internal systems capability for interfacing with OpenAPI 3.0 based APIs.

    3.Your organisation can commit an IT SME resource to participate in the API Design Programme workshops on an ongoing basis (fortnightly sessions) and provide regular feedback after every workshop/sprint session.

    4.To participate in the API Design Programme, your organisation’s IT SME should:

      1.Have deep understanding of how your internal systems may need to interface with Delegated Contract Manager APIs.
      2.Have expertise in development of integrations based on OpenAPI 3.0 based APIs.
      3.Be recognised as qualified to influence your organisation’s integration strategy and support integration development planning.
      4.Have an understanding of Delegated Authority insurance processes within the Lloyd's marketplace (desirable) or be familiar with the coverholder standards 5.2.
      5.Bring previous experience of partnering with Lloyd's project teams to support technical solution development (desirable).
      6.Have understanding of agile delivery (desirable).

    Firms interested in participating in the API Design Programme should contact

Delegated Contract and Oversight Manager Onboarding Process

December 2020: Legal Agreement drafted.
January-February 2021: Legal Agreement T&Cs draft to be reviewed by a specialised Market Panel board for sign-off.
December 2020: Functional and Integration Testing (Tech Ops FAL).
February 2021: User Acceptance Testing and sign off (internal Lloyd’s).
February-March 2021: Change Lead to nominate Registrant.
March 2021: Market Acceptance Testing and sign off (select market participants).
March 2021: Nominated Registrant to complete registration form for their organisation. Registration details to be validated.
April 2021: Authorised Signatory to sign the legal agreements.
April 2021: Authorised Contact to create, approve and manage their organisation’s Devolved Administrator
May 2021: Delegated Administrator to create and manage their organisation’s end user access to Delegated Contract and Oversight Manager

Delegated Contract and Oversight Manager will improve contract data quality to streamline the downstream processes.

  • Currently in BAR, data is entered manually multiple times throughout the Delegated Authority ecosystem, often incorrectly, which causes delays and errors downstream (e.g. For Declaration Only submissions). In Delegated Data Manager, we estimate a multi-section contract takes 1 hour to set up.
  • From Release 1 of Delegated Contract Manager, the new system will reduce time spent re-keying data and the risk of downstream errors by ensuring better data quality through more structured data capture. This means upfront effort of registering a contract will increase due to additional fields. We estimate approximately 30 mins extra effort per initial contract registration, and the same amount of extra effort for the first renewal of existing contracts within Delegated Contract Manager.
  • In the future, improved quality contract data in Delegated Contract Manager will be automatically transmitted Delegated Data Manager. We estimate 85% of contract setup data in Delegated Data Manager will be auto populated using contract data from Delegated Contract Manager, significantly reducing time and effort. Also, optional market APIs will be available for contract registration and creation (estimated availability Q4 2021) for Delegated Contract Manager, further reducing manual entry requirements.

Click here to access DCOM Workflows
  • These workflows are for both Release 1 and future releases of Delegated Contract and Oversight Manager.
  • The system tasks have been annotated using a key to represent the different roles typically performed by the broker, managing agent, coverholder and followers.
  • Although managing agents can create contracts if they deal direct, the workflows assumes the typical process of brokers acting as contract creator and managing agents as reviewers.

To support the use of Delegated Contract and Oversight Manager, organisations should:

  • Install the latest versions of the following browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, IE 11 on PCs and Chrome
  • Ensure JavaScript/ActiveScript has been enabled
  • Ensure settings have been configured to accept all Cookies
  • File downloads have been enabled
  • Enable browser plugins to view/print PDF and Microsoft Word documents if desired
  • Screen resolution settings have been set up as: 1024x768 or higher for PCs and 962x601, please note mobile phones are not supported
  • Verify whether Device system requirements (CPU, RAM, etc) are covered by the browser system requirements
  • Create accounts for Individual users in either LIMOSS Common Services SSO or Identity @ Lloyd’s