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Lloyd’s Market Mentoring programme

Do you have what it takes to be a mentor? Or are you looking for a mentor?

We are looking for experienced and insightful individuals to become mentors for highly motivated talented individuals from Lloyd's Corporation and managing agents globally.

Our mentoring programme is delivered through a virtual mentoring platform, enabling more individuals from the Lloyd’s market to access valuable mentoring support in a more efficient, effective and cost-friendly manner.

We have reviewed feedback from previous mentoring programme cohorts and redesigned our programme to better fit the needs of the market. This involves moving from a ‘once a year’ pairing to a system where people can join as and when they need support, or feel they are able to offer support to others. We feel this will result in greater impact on their learning, performance, capability and growth and will allow mentors to support more mentees as appropriate.

Mentors and mentees will be matched by their online profiles and put in touch with each other so that they can discuss if the match fits what they’re looking for. Frequency of meetings, the length of the mentoring relationship and the outcomes they’re looking to achieve will all be decided between the mentor and mentee. The platform will support them in this journey by providing access to learning materials, as well as areas where they can create goals and make notes.

As with our previous mentoring scheme, there is also a focus on helping those involved to develop their network, with the platform enabling users to contact others to share experiences and build their contact base. 

This opportunity is open to highly motivated, talented individuals from Lloyd's Corporation and managing agents globally.

Both parties can gain benefits through mentoring. The benefits of mentoring include the opportunity to:

• Improve interpersonal skills
• Understand other departments and roles
• Give-back and nurture

Benefits of being mentored include the opportunity to:

• Learn and grow their career
• Develop self-confidence
• Develop skills and knowledge
• Better-understand organisational culture

Mentors usually enjoy sharing their professional experiences with others. With technical expertise and experience in their profession, mentors are motivated in helping others succeed. Alternatively, if you are a younger employee, you may wish to offer ’reverse mentoring’ to support more experienced individuals to understand the expectations and experiences of younger generations.

Mentors typically have some or all of the following professional attributes:

• Organisational experience and influence
• Technical expertise
• Knowledge of career options
• Ability to develop and utilise networks for collective benefit
• Curiosity about people

Those looking to reverse mentor may have a desire to help broaden the understanding and outlook of more experienced individuals working in the market.

If you would like to be a mentor, please refer to the ‘What do I need to do next?’ section below.

The mentoring programme can help you to learn and develop by providing you with access to someone with professional experience and skills from within the Lloyd’s market community.  

Mentees typically come with the following attributes:

• Ambitious for personal improvement and success
• Committed and conscientious
• Able to work collaboratively
• Flexible and willing to take a risk to try something new
• Able to accept challenge
• Able to receive constructive feedback

If you would like to find a mentor please refer to the ‘What do I need to do next?' section below.

Mentoring is a proven approach to drive rich learning and development for both mentees and mentors. We encourage you to take time to sign up to the platform and connect with others across the Corporation and the wider market. This is also a great opportunity to focus on your own personal development.

Mentees and mentors can sign up to the platform at a point in time, as and when they feel they either need support or are able to support others.

If you would like to apply to be part of the programme, please contact the Lloyd’s Talent Development team at, indicating which role you would like to undertake (mentee, mentor or both) and a couple of lines on what you hope to achieve from a mentoring relationship.

Please note: You can apply to the programme at any time, so please make sure it’s the right time for you. Acceptance is subject to the availability of user licenses at time of application

Can those who live outside of the UK sign up?
Yes. Mentoring can easily be done virtually so this removes barriers, other than time zones and virtual tool which will need to be agreed between mentor and mentee.

Is this open to anyone working in the Lloyd’s market?
The mentoring programme is open to anyone working at the Lloyd’s Corporation or within a Lloyd’s managing agent. 

How long will the relationship last?
This is agreed between mentor and mentee.

How much time will I need to invest?
This is agreed between mentor and mentee.

What format should the meetings take place?
Face-to face or virtual – this is agreed between mentor and mentee.

How will people be paired?
Once you create your profile, you can then do an automated search and the online mentoring platform will make automatic recommendations for the most suitable matches for your requirements. 

What will the programme cost?
There is no cost to apply. All programme costs will be borne centrally by Lloyd’s, however any assistance with travel costs for face-to face meetings need to be paid locally.

Please direct any questions to the Talent Development team at

Lloyd’s LGBTQ+ Mentoring programme

As part of our drive to build inclusive work cultures, this mentoring programme seeks to support and develop our LGBTQ+ talent – helping individuals find the tools and advice they need to develop their careers within Lloyd’s and the wider market.