Syndicates are required to provide information on a variety of matters of interest to the market including mergers, cessations, offers, fees and management changes.

Complete your auction disclosure for 2019 by downloading the disclosure template. 

Please submit by email to: auctionoffice@lloyds.com

To find a particular disclosure sort the table by clicking on the column headings or use the search facility provided.  Click on the links below to view the relevant disclosures.

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Date Syndicate Reference Managing agent
27/09/2015 1200 D2015011 Argo Managing Agency Ltd
24/09/2018 2121 D2018003 Argenta Syndicate Management Ltd
30/04/2018 2121 D2018001 Argenta Syndicate Management Ltd
22/10/2018 2121 D2018007 Argenta Syndicate Management Limited
25/10/2017 2121 D2017005 Argenta Syndicate Management Limited
27/10/2016 2121 D2016004 Argenta Syndicate Management Limited
29/10/2018 1969 D2018013 Apollo Syndicate Management Ltd
22/10/2018 1969 D2018010 Apollo Syndicate Management Ltd
22/09/2015 1969 D2015008 Apollo Syndicate Management Ltd
27/10/2017 1969 D2017009 Apollo Syndicate Management Limited
09/11/2015 0779 D2015021 ANV Syndicates Ltd
09/11/2015 5820 D2015022 ANV Syndicates Ltd
11/10/2015 5820 D2015017 ANV Syndicates Ltd
04/10/2015 5820 D2015016 ANV Syndicates Ltd
27/09/2015 0779 D2015014 ANV Syndicates Ltd
27/09/2015 5820 D2015013 ANV Syndicates Ltd
07/11/2016 5820 D2016015 ANV Syndicates Limited
04/11/2016 5820 D2016013 ANV Syndicates Limited
07/11/2016 0779 D2016014 ANV Syndicates Limited
04/11/2016 0779 D2016012 ANV Syndicates Limited
Showing: 81 to 100



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