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Coverys Managing Agency Ltd

Managing Agent Name: Coverys Managing Agency Limited

Subject: 2020 Auction Disclosures

Syndicate Affected: 1991

Coverys Managing Agency Limited (CMAL) is giving serious consideration to the possibility of ceasing to accept new and renewal business on behalf of Syndicate 1991 with effect from 31 December 2020 (Syndicate Cessation).

CMAL has this week notified Lloyd’s of the possibility of a Syndicate Cessation. In view of there being such a possibility, Lloyd's has suspended trading in Syndicate 1991 capacity from the remaining 2020 capacity auctions.

Date issued: 27/10/2020

Contact Information

Agency contact name: Jo Marshall, General Counsel

Agency contact no: + 44 203 923 3105

For auction office use only: D2020013

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