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Asta Managing Agency Ltd

Managing Agent Name: Asta Managing Agency Ltd

Subject: Auction Disclosures 2020

Syndicate(s) Affected: Syndicate 2525

In respect of Syndicate 2525, CPG approval has been based on the following figures as submitted in the SBF:

  • £80m for 2020
  • £86m for 2021

This constitutes a pre-emption of 7.5% as outlined in offers to Members’ Agents in August, however the figures above have been rounded.

The exact 2020 stamp capacity for 2525 is £ 79,574,765 therefore the increase to the 2021 CPG agreed figure of £86m in fact constitutes an 8.074% pre-emption.

All participating Members on the Syndicate have been notified of this increase.

Date issued: 19/10/2020

Contact Information

Agency contact name: Julian Walby

Agency contact no: + 44 (0) 20 743 0962

For auction office use only: D202000

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