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Asta Managing Agency Ltd

Managing Agent Name: Asta Managing Agency Ltd

Subject: Auction Disclosures 2020

Syndicate(s) Affected: Syndicate 5886

Blenheim Underwriting Limited, currently an Appointed Representative of Asta Managing Agency
Limited (Asta) providing underwriting services to Syndicate 5886, has received Lloyd’s approval to
progress its application with Lloyd’s, the PRA and FCA for authorisation to become the Managing Agent
to Syndicate 5886 in place of Asta. Work is in hand to satisfy the regulatory authorities as to Blenheim’s
suitability and thereby obtain the required regulatory consents to become the Managing Agent to
Syndicate 5886.

Alchemy Special Opportunities Fund IV LP, subject to the approval of Lloyd’s and the FCA will make
a substantial investment, alongside the existing shareholders, into White Bear Capital Limited, the
parent company of Blenheim Underwriting Limited.

White Bear Corporate Capital Limited, a Lloyd’s corporate member and part of the White Bear Group,
participates on Syndicate 5886 for 2020 account and is expected to increase its participation for 2021.

Date issued: 19/10/2020

Contact Information

Agency contact name: Julian Walby
Agency contact no: + 44 (0) 20 743 0962

For auction office use only: D2020010

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