Apollo Syndicate Management Ltd

Managing Agent Name:       Apollo Syndicate Management Limited

Subject:                                 Authorisation of Apollo Syndicate Management Limited

Syndicate Affected:             1969

In an auction disclosure dated 26th September 2014, ANV Syndicates Ltd (ANV) advised that Apollo had initiated an application to be authorised as an independent Managing Agent. This application was approved by the PRA and Lloyd’s during July 2015, and the management of Syndicate 1969 transferred from ANV to Apollo Syndicate Management Limited (ASML) on 1st August 2015. Certain accounting, reporting, actuarial and IT services continue to be provided by ANV under an outsourcing agreement.

The Directors of ASML are:

Julian Cusack                         NED Chairman

Anthony Hulse                        NED

Jayne Owen                            NED                     

Sven Althoff                             NED

David Ibeson                          Chief Executive Officer

Nicholas Jones                       Director of Underwriting

James MacDiarmid                Finance Director

Philip Ellis                              Chief Risk Officer

Simon White                          Claims Director


Date issued: 23rd September 2015


Contact Information

Agency contact name:  Iain Macdowall

Agency contact no: + 44 (0)20 3169 1962

For auction office use only: D2015008

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