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Tools and resources to guide professionals at all levels through successful D&I.

5 Steps to Diversity and Inclusion: A practical guide

Inclusion@Lloyd’s recognises that the path to creating a more diverse workplace and an inclusive culture that allows employees to thrive can seem like an uphill climb. In response, we developed a practical guide that includes five key steps to assist your business in achieving its D&I goals.


Lloyd’s Scorecard

Inclusion@Lloyd’s created a D&I scorecard to help market companies gain a clear picture of current D&I in their business. As outlined in the final stage of the 5 Steps Guide, the need to report with robust data is invaluable in demonstrating the business case for D&I. By establishing a starting point, it will become easier to demonstrate progress in D&I both at a company and a sector level.


Inclusive Hiring Workshops

Inclusion@Lloyd’s has so far supported 15 market organisations through inclusive recruitment training and carried out a series of workshops that resulted in 25 accredited participants. A new toolkit is planned for release soon.